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    Anime (sadly i don't have much time to watch current series) Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, Grimm, The Walking Dead, MArvel stuff, Zombiess rawr!..Glitter, My lil Pony, music boxes, cutesy stuffs.. :3 to mention some...

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  1. :3 ty for fixing the faces n.n
  2. Once told ya you two were one of the cuttest couples in 3dx... Congratzzz!!! and Happy Anniversary and for many more to come!!!
  3. Hope i can make it 0.0 but if not... lotsa hugs
  4. :3 thank you for sharing your creations cant wait to see them in game n.n
  5. xKittenx


    Ty all for sharing your creations :3
  6. OwO oooooo... i hope my lappy 0.0 survives i wannnnnaa gooo seee casstleeee!!!!
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