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  1. to all members, friends and guests for celebrating with us every single one of you guys made it special https://imgur.com/a/xKWZA https://imgur.com/a/hIJGM https://imgur.com/a/dTYjJ
  2. I m sooooooo happy we had that test server I m only missing 10 pic slots and the pics itself my entire profile the friends list is fucked and and and ohhhh and my HUBBY thx for the great update
  3. :o :o you had me at yummy the egg ´n bacon truly make up for all the excitement and are worth the wait
  4. @Yagi I can totally understand your point of view and agree Sadly the www isnt the most "trustworthy place" and the human race has a high tendency to selfishness. Behaving like an assh***, lying or bullying ppl online is pretty easy nowadays but in my opinion these ppl have either a very low self-esteem in RL or a shitty life itself. And for your specific example these ppl might even have a problem with their own sexuality and didnt figure out yet how to handle it at all and to be true to themselves maybe didnt even intend to hurt others in the process. 3DX is after all (or should be) a plac
  5. Some might consider a 4 day blackout as life or death situation
  6. Someone has to say it ... Your sudden response ratio is really scary You all right man? xoxo
  7. at least u got company while waiting HAPPY HALLOWEEN
  8. Thx ye all for joining, hope ye enjoyed arr arr arrrrrrrrrrr https://imgur.com/a/eqRtFvx
  9. either the friendlist is bugging or offline user dont show
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