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  1. Hello, anyone know where i can download this map and if the creator even shared it? I want to download it so i can play it sometime with a partner, not to steal it of course.
  2. being idle doesn't waste any resource nor causes the game to lag, that's just bad optimization. In a game like vindictus you don't have afk timer, sure the game doesn't have the greatest optimization, but it doesn't lag because there are many players. This is a chat/sex game, it doesn't need a timer. It would be hella annoying chatting with someone and then having to move from time to time, or you're deep into rp and having to switch pose or something just so you don't get kicked. If you're refering to wasting resources, you probably mean MNF. That game doesn't have afk timer because of this, it's because there are many players and they will just fill the servers. WOW for example has quene because it has many players. 3DX is pretty much like being idle inside the menu of the game, you're still inside the server, also 3DX doesn't have that many players to have such timer. 3DX uses different servers, if you think other people cause the game to lag, isn't true. There are people who join from around the world and that would've caused lots of lag in the game, if it was with those servers you think about.
  3. well not like that. But slight physics would be nice, and bigger butt slider too.
  4. Don't listen to her she probably got mad someone she likes is afk. Her friend is always afk 24/7. Like you said we should be able to stay afk in a game we pay for. This isn't a competitive game, to be kicked for innactivity.
  5. Yes, i need it for more immersion, don't ask why.
  6. ah i see, i'm sorry then my friend.
  7. try to contact them trough this http://3dxchat.com/support/
  8. well i got unbanned, and they never told me the reason why. Weird stuff are going on.
  9. what can i say i got banned out of nowhere, and i'm afk most of the time in this game, watching youtube videos. For harrasment and insults, i don't care enough to harras or stalk anyone.
  10. I was in the game when i suddenly got disconnected and when i tried to login again, it shows to me that my account got blocked and the block will never lift. This time i didn't harras anyone neither insult them, hell i was afk the whole day, and i didn't talk to anyone at all. I did spoke to one person and i pushed her away but i didn't insult her neither harras her, i stopped talking to her and i just told her goodnight. So idk why i got banned, my friend in 3dx can even confirm it, so how come i get banned out of nowhere, perhaps old pictures?
  11. I was wondering how about a feature to add more bots and be able to customize them to test poses for examble in your own room? or just to be able to customize Betty or Bob, i don't find their default look much attractive. I know it's a social game, but sometimes i'm just too tired for rp, just wanna have some single player fun.
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