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  1. ah i see, i'm sorry then my friend.
  2. try to contact them trough this http://3dxchat.com/support/
  3. well i got unbanned, and they never told me the reason why. Weird stuff are going on.
  4. what can i say i got banned out of nowhere, and i'm afk most of the time in this game, watching youtube videos. For harrasment and insults, i don't care enough to harras or stalk anyone.
  5. I was in the game when i suddenly got disconnected and when i tried to login again, it shows to me that my account got blocked and the block will never lift. This time i didn't harras anyone neither insult them, hell i was afk the whole day, and i didn't talk to anyone at all. I did spoke to one person and i pushed her away but i didn't insult her neither harras her, i stopped talking to her and i just told her goodnight. So idk why i got banned, my friend in 3dx can even confirm it, so how come i get banned out of nowhere, perhaps old pictures?
  6. Nightmare Fuel
  7. I was wondering how about a feature to add more bots and be able to customize them to test poses for examble in your own room? or just to be able to customize Betty or Bob, i don't find their default look much attractive. I know it's a social game, but sometimes i'm just too tired for rp, just wanna have some single player fun.
  8. I gotta pay 100 bucks again, because of an unknown reason. Nice job, 3dx devs you did it again!
  9. i found the problem, apparently those free gametime ''gifts'' they give from their goals in their discord, is why my account didn't automatically renewed. I'm not giving 100 bucks for this(again).
  10. i'm just worried, but i will be patient, thx a lot for the help
  11. my account didn't automatically renew. pls respond on your mail

  12. well thing is, i don't think support will even respond, Lisa doesn't even respond in Discord rather than their mail, lol
  13. Well i got paid at that date even. Thx a lot i would've been pissed if i had to pay for full price again
  14. well i paid 64 last year, so why didn't it get renewed automaticaly this december?
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