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  1. I didn't try the new upgrade but I heard that there is no dll rochi. this is bad, why one thing that everyone likes is taken away? absurd
  2. ''Waiting for a roar, looking at the milky skyline City is my church, It wraps me in the sparkling twilight...'' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dX3k_QDnzHE
  3. ''I heard you call my nameWhile I'm passing outThe mistake I've madeIt can't be turned around...''
  4. I would very much like (I think so many other women) have necklaces like this. I understand the necessity to have new sexual poses but please Gizmo and Lisa do not forget what women like! The clothes and accessories, in addition to these necklaces, many of us women dream earrings Do not forget us, Gizmo: P
  5. OH MY GOD! Clothes clothes! *time to come back*
  6. 3 months to have a coat and vehicles. Well girls, let's get ready to wait another three months to get a pair of shoes, maybe xD'
  7. Wow that's great. this is what the community wants. [sarcasm Mode On]
  8. It's a shame that this game offers little to BDSM. I hope in the future: 3
  9. Regarding clothes, it would be nice to have something in Punk-Rock style. Example:
  10. This would be a nice addition *-*
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