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  1. It’s not worth getting in a strop about, but it is a potential problem when you come to take a look at the responses. That’s all.
  2. The third question is fine, Mar. It’s the other two question pairs that give the potential problem. It’s clear what you intended but if we take the first question, if you want the facility but don’t want to pay for it then two boxes need to be checked. At the time I first tried it only allowed one. At the time I actually did the survey I was allowed to check all boxes if I wanted too. Either way can distort any result, fortunately only the more cynical are likely to check everything so the poll doesn’t go off the rails. It’s something to be kept in mind as things go. As I said before it could show something useful useful. Therefore it’s worth a try.
  3. UK here, and have to use Chrome to get round it. Firefox locks me out totally.
  4. /me loves this. I have a good rl reason atm for listening, and learning, all sorts of different songs. Just thanks to everybody for posting their ideas.
  5. Don't anybody take this the wrong way - read what I have to say first before going off on one :-) Mar's poll is flawed - not least because it suffers from all the problems that are an intrisic part of forum polls. The other issue is that the first two sets of answers, in effect, relate to two questions. Now that would be fine if it could be set so that the related answers could be checked together, but I don't think that's possible. You either get one answer only, which affects the results one way, or you can check all the boxes which affects the results another. That said I think it is possible for the results to tell us something, but only when viewed alongside other stuff we've talked about, presented etc. My line on this is that while one set of rough data tells us pretty well sod all, start looking around for other information and a picture can emerge when you start to put it all together. It doesn't always follow, but that's the nature of the game. I like to think that when this one has run its course and we start thinking, something useful could come out of it. In short I'm saying this doesn't have to be a useless exercise, and all credit to Mar for giving it a go. Treat it in good faith, do what we can with it and then see where it goes, yeah?
  6. I commend people who see others for who they are.
  7. Sam does have a point, though. Even if he has gone off topic. Is it worth being a little indulgent towards diversions providing they don’t take the whole thing off the rails. The GDPR is a bit of a game changer and sits at the centre of a lot of the side issues related to this and other recent threads.
  8. On that note I too am grateful for our National Health service - my Dad is still with us thanks to the wonderful care he’s received over the last year and a half. I’m also grateful that Gizmo appears on the forums from time to time.
  9. I'm not sure 'open' relationships are possible at all, but if they are it does require great communication, terrific honesty and incredible trust on the part of everybody involved. I know that's not what Dereck is asking but when you think about his question so many related ideas crop up. For me I only need one person that close, my rl husband. I have great friends both rl and in game so that obviously affects my approach to these things. Role players, of course, will see it differently. Which is fine, but there is a point where role play and something more 'real', for want of a better way of putting it, overlap. The scope for problems and misunderstandings at that point is ..................... well, like ................ lots. Behind every avi, even one role playing, is a human being with feelings.
  10. @Mar - you do realise that with the first two answer sets it's possible to click all the boxes, don't you? Also just to reiterate that I think these polls have a use.
  11. Thinking about the first question pair - I suppose the answers I gave are pretty obvious but I tend to see it this way. People have the right to decide what happens to their avis in game, analogous to having the right to decide what happens to our bodies rl. So it isn't something you should have to pay for, it is something that should be there anyway. Having said that, if the only way it can be done is with a paid for thing then it'll have to be. It is an important enough princple to achieve pretty well whichever way. Again with the second question pair, I don't see why it should be a paid for thing. Openness and honesty is usually the best policy in my book. But then the way I play the game I suppose that's exactly what I'd say. In general I think people should have to pay for something that shouldn't be standard practice, so avis are revealed unless people want to pay for it to be otherwise. Similarly with the hugs one - standard is the basic rl type principle, no touching without permission, if you want it then you pay.
  12. One last point now I've just done it - the survey on log-in one. The answer I wanted to give was probably, rather than yes, no or don't care. Not that it matters too much but it does mean that any respondents similar to me will split between those three options. Just a thought, anyway.
  13. That's great, it allows me to check the two boxes this morning :-) May I suggest, though, that it might have been better to keep one question for each answer set rather than two. - It does work so hopefully it'll give you something you can work with.
  14. Sorry, but I think there's a problem here. For example if you want the hug and kiss option for either everyone or friends and you're not prepared to pay for it you have to click two boxes. The poll only allows you to click one. A bit of an edit might be a good idea. I'll take another look tomoz, or sometime, just in case I've got it wrong.
  15. I'm sorry to hear that, but if does have to go two ways to work. I hope something new works out for you soon. There's loads of ace people in game, and there's always the social aspect in the meantime.
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