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  1. I guess that the server needs Captain's to keep itself regular. Makes sense. We normal humans need fiber. Servers need Captain's.
  2. Listen. We all need to just relax. A sacrifice must be made. Bring forth the Kirk, of Captain.
  3. Awesome news Ash. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. WC
  4. Thank you Macey! I'm going to give this a try.
  5. Zero issues with running Win10 and 3dx. The only issue I have in the game is the nVidia drivers crapping out on me. I get the error saying that it failed but then recovered. I don't get that from any other game I play (SWTOR, Star Citizen, Shadows of Mordor, Battlefront)
  6. I'd like to know where I can go to get my own streams into my room. Like what service/website does 3dx allow us to stream into? And can I subscribe or become a member of said sites to get my own mixes into my rooms?
  7. Anything with Christina Novelli = win. She has such a great voice.
  8. More foreplay options, especially up around the breast area. Guys enjoy this as much as the ladies do, so equal opportunity for all. I don't think we need more public spaces. We just need reasons to go there. I'm in NC most of the time, but i enjoy going tobthe beach to clear my head as well. Love Island DJ nights are great. But perhaps we can get a few grottos or hidden places to go play at the Island as well as at the Beach.
  9. Now listening to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bj4i-sW44s Probably my favorite track off of Drive. Can not wait for his remix album later this year.
  10. This is an awesome thread. Sometimes you just gotta hear something besides....country in the Night Club.
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