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  1. You say that all of these above are 99% the desired things from all the players, that is quite arrogant of you. Not trying to start a drama or anything but what you say it is simply wrong. Yes, it could be something related to your group of friends but I can guarantee you that the things you wrote, even if true, are not the things I want, or the other players around. What most players desire fixed these days are the annoying bugs related to connection and synchronization as Gimzo said and requests for larger variety of themes, closely followed by players requesting sliders for Penis size, and more female dom poses as well. You can check all of that in the suggestions in the official Discord.
  2. Nope, I do have a dedicated GPU, it is 1050 Ti card and the game is definitely running on it but since I lowered down the FPS my CPU Usage sticks to the 20-40% which is to be expected so I think that FPS plays a huge role with the CPU usage. And my CPU is indeed i7-8750H.
  3. That helped quite a bit, but still not there.
  4. Can a dev or somene who is a bit more techy tell me how I can lower the high CPU usage. It is a huge problem, especially when it slows everything else on my laptop. Why the CPU usage is so high is another question I would like the devs to answer. With everything that is going in the game, my CPU usage shouldn't be more than 40-50% at top with 6 core processor and with 2.20GHz per core this game shouldn't really take that much CPU. Can the devs look into this and actually do something for it. Even in a room where it is just me and a friend my CPU hits the 80-90%. That not normal.
  5. I do expect higher performance for Metahumans, currently in UE5, Metahumans don't look realistic enough for me. You can still tell that they are computirized graphic wise, with the exception of the main metahuman which looks good. And I do hope that more games will take the path of Cyberpunk 2077 and allow players to have their characters fully nude, either via an extra patch or via the options in the game's menu. We need more games that support nudity and have a good story to follow.
  6. I am pretty sure that a lot of guys and trans will put their real cock size, just because the biggest size is available doesn't mean that 99% of the game guys will go for it. Most guys will like to feel more realistic to what they have so they will probably choose close size to their own.
  7. I get the same error... EDIT: The issue was fixed after re-installation. I am surprised that your game doesn't have auto repair option. Please add such option as soon as possible. Instead making us re-download the entire game. Error .docx
  8. You all are asking for clothes, but yet they are missing essential stuffs for guys. Like simply cock and balls editor... not all guys have exactly the same length and balls, let me not start on the circumcision part... They need to add sliders for those first... start from the bases and make guys more unique, not all walking with the same skin with exactly the same flecks spots on their skin and exactly the same penis size... when you are in the role-play community and you play like 5-6 guys per day and you reach with 2-3 of them to sexual interaction and you find out that you are getting bored because it is the same body, over and over again with the same cock and the same balls... It is shameful because even Conan Exiles did it better than them...
  9. I am glad there is other Enthusiasts for that. Well I was hoping more for a partner with whom I can bring all that to reality. Think something along the lines as the 3DX City Police Precinct in-game. The heavy focal point will be RP and ERP. Please feel free to whisper in-game so we can talk more about that or here in Forums.
  10. Hello there guys! I apologise in advance if I post it in the wrong section, I just couldn't find more appropriate forum section. I am looking for someone, who is enthusiast and huge fan of X-men, like me for one, a bit more larger idea in mind. I was hoping I can bring the Heroes and Villains into the game with heavy RP in mind. And since it is quite challenging to do this on my own, I would need someone willing to work with me. Since I am not exactly patient, or professional with the world builder, I was hoping I could help from someone much more experienced into it and able to help me out recreate the X-Men Mansion in-game. The room will be RP based and I hope it will build up into an amazing community here in 3DX Chat, like it is in many other locations. I am hoping to build an RP community of consistent Original and Canon characters, were people can meet, have sex, RP, and enjoy a supervillain/superhero location. If things start well, perhaps I will expand the room add more things, like Avengers Tower, Hall of Judgment and a few other locations from both universes Marvel and DC. Please feel free to reply here, about my idea and if anyone is willing to take on this challenge, feel free to PM me in game to OroroMunroe or here in the forums. I am also looking forward to others who create superhero characters. Looking at you Cyclops, Jean, Wolverine, Superman and others... or maybe you prefer Original one.
  11. I had the same issue, but after I changed the extension of the file to .jpg from .png it worked like a charm.
  12. I am all for the crawling animation but for both genders. Sometimes is cool seeing your partner crawl to you, either to fulfill your fetish or simply to make you harder.
  13. I have to say that some of the answers here were hilarious. I am all for the Third Option. We must have more freedom and decision to how we want to play our game. Keep both options, just make them selectable or changeable via a side menu or via settings. It is not big deal, both parties keep the options, just have to choose the one that suits them better. As far for the jump, hell yeah. I am all about that. I wanted to jump a few times through some obstacles, but I couldn't it was so frustrating. If someone bothers you when you do sex by jumping on top of you, just ignore him and be done with it. People here really need to learn how to use ignore option when they are bothered by someone. No mercy from me for such annoying guys. I would also like to see faster swim and/or flight. It could be fun for amazing and unique in-game shots or travelling towards a very long distance in the far distance. I've seen couple of those places in-game, where they have mountain several squares away from the main zone. Took me around 10 to 20 minutes to reach the place... and oh boy, was I disappointed when I didn't find anything special on it! xD
  14. I was about to mention the same thing as Aliviax and Xizl, trolls are everywhere and particularly me, I don't mind them. They make the game more fun as long as they don't start offending someone and calling him names, being rude, etc. I've noticed several characters in-game which I don't like, but I've neither ignored them or interact with them. You can do the same, if it is such a big issue for you Takisa, you can always ignore them.
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