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  1. As long as it dosnt take as much as it took some years ago to get 1 update.... one entire year.
  2. The only marketing strategy the devs have... make people wait for updates.
  3. The devs gave 15 days of compensation for the problems the server had about a month ago or so, that everybody can redem, but for some reason when i click on redem it says "account not found"... Anybody had the same problem?
  4. Even tho they said the server updates didnt had anything to do with content updates, im kinda sure that the waiting has to do with some money strategy aswell, as they gave away some days of playtime, i think they will wait for that "free time" to end, so people need to renew their membership
  5. Sometimes i feel like we still coming back to 3dx just for the wrong reasons, and remember why we left in the first place.

  6. I guess you havent been in here for awhile, we had MONTHS, and even an entire year with lack of updates before.
  7. So... are the devs going to add this on holidays as always? lol
  8. What i dont understad is why we dont get more "constant" updates, with less content, but more often, i mean, they hold up their stuff, a pack of poses, the new features that the dll had, this new clothing system, like.. why dont we get those in different updates? release the poses one month, the next one the features from the dll, and as they work on the clothing system then release that.... why the need to hold everything toguether?
  9. If this is truly the pose editor for the game, looks vey promising, and as we have been seeing the other screenshots and gifs from Telegram, the pose bundle they are releasing is made entirely in the pose editor i guess? Something similar happened with the room editor, the Beach was made with it, and then they released the tool.
  10. Even if thats not for a pose editor and just to make the process of creating poses easier, looks awesome.
  11. Same, frame rate drops to like 5fps
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