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  1. GG 🤣 This made me sad to be honest lol
  2. I cant imagine trying to remember what color is what, it could be easier if there would be a text below the nickname, indicating the role (maybe), but even tho, i think thats too much text to show in a screen.
  3. I dont think "donations" is a way to solve the lack of updates, money is not the problem here, the problem is the lack of interest from the devs to make their game bigger, better, even old games with small dev teams like Achat have stand steady updates with their clothes, and poses every week or so.
  4. Like everything else in 3dx, every communication channel they had, is abandoned.
  5. Worked for me too, thank you!
  6. As long as it dosnt take as much as it took some years ago to get 1 update.... one entire year.
  7. The only marketing strategy the devs have... make people wait for updates.
  8. The devs gave 15 days of compensation for the problems the server had about a month ago or so, that everybody can redem, but for some reason when i click on redem it says "account not found"... Anybody had the same problem?
  9. Even tho they said the server updates didnt had anything to do with content updates, im kinda sure that the waiting has to do with some money strategy aswell, as they gave away some days of playtime, i think they will wait for that "free time" to end, so people need to renew their membership
  10. Sometimes i feel like we still coming back to 3dx just for the wrong reasons, and remember why we left in the first place.

  11. I guess you havent been in here for awhile, we had MONTHS, and even an entire year with lack of updates before.
  12. So... are the devs going to add this on holidays as always? lol
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