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  1. Woohoo! Gifs in the main web! Just what we wanted!
  2. or the other way around... change nothing and dissapoint us forever.
  3. Is sad that april is almost over, another month without an update, and this topic will be named "April-May Fool's"
  4. Yeah i have the link but i dont think i can post it here, is from another sex game... check your PM
  5. Found a web with adult game reviews, and was curious to see what it said about 3dx... at the end there are pros and cons... and guess what... "Rare fresh updates"... wonder why, lol
  6. The devs rarely take requests for real, is not something new, its been like that since i remember.
  7. Sad but true, and that was back in January... we are slowly slidig into April, and no update yet.
  8. Communication is a good thing, and keeping the community updated on what they are working on is cool, it makes us all feel they game is moving forward, but sadly, 3dx has a very bad history of updates that never happened and lack of them too.
  9. A long time ago with one of the updates they removed offline messages to people that are not from your friendlist. Only the people from your friendlist will get the messages when they are offline.
  10. Sadly true, i dont even know why people is thanking him... just because he repeated the same thing he said 1 month+ ago?
  11. Ive been in 3dx enough (few years) to know how the devs are... never expect anything, dont wait for updates, because we had it rough in the past, even with 1 entire year of no updates at all.
  12. I have a feeling it wont happen this month
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