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  1. No point on seeing more user created content when the devs dont pay attention to it, dont care, or dont want to add stuff people create.
  2. So many good ideas, can only hope devs consider implementing at least some of them!
  3. About 1 year+ ago we had a teaser of a cloths update, you were able to customize it in more depth, clothes with sliders for sleaves and neck, even a teaser for custom hairs that you would change the lenght.... is not a big surprise theres no new update, and the tails might not even come out, just like the customizable clothes
  4. Same... and the forum is slowly dying by the looks of it.
  5. Its been about 1 week since i noticed a problem with my ignore list... every time i add someone to it, it will show normally as ignore in their profile... but i soon as i restar 3dx, or relog, they will be walking around normally, and their profile will be visible again, it dosnt work with ANYONE, everytime i try it, they will be removed from the list after a relog / restart, is just me?
  6. I think the feature for different spawnpoints is already in the game, Fresco Club uses it, as soon as you go to the room you would see people spawn in the different sides of the entrance, And a long time ago, the "first version" of the beach, had it too, The yacht uses it aswell... so i think the feature is already in place, it just needs to be avalible for the room creator.
  7. Ive been in 3DX since 2015, and y es, we had Depth of Field, and it looked amazing taking screenshots, they removed that feature when they updated the engine, at the same time they removed playable videos from TV's
  8. Hopefully that day 3dx looks like this, the devs learn to optimize the game in its current state it is poorly optimized
  9. Woohoo! Gifs in the main web! Just what we wanted!
  10. or the other way around... change nothing and dissapoint us forever.
  11. Is sad that april is almost over, another month without an update, and this topic will be named "April-May Fool's"
  12. Yeah i have the link but i dont think i can post it here, is from another sex game... check your PM
  13. Found a web with adult game reviews, and was curious to see what it said about 3dx... at the end there are pros and cons... and guess what... "Rare fresh updates"... wonder why, lol
  14. The devs rarely take requests for real, is not something new, its been like that since i remember.
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