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  1. It's awesome to see the work you're doing and that Lisa's giving feedback. Please keep up the amazing work!
  2. That's actually really sad and frustrating to see especially since they offered so many options for user content. I'd have loved to see the thread full of examples of items added and who put in the work for them; Seems like a missed opportunity for sure!
  3. Honestly it feels like they need a community manager (not sure if they can or want to hire someone for it though). In many ways 3DX is amazing but for a social game its main 'lack' from my perspective is a lack of communication with the user base. I absolutely agree with _Sophie_ That I'd love to see more interactions. Even if its just an hour a month where one or the other sits down and talks on Discord or posts an update. I don't mind hearing about 'we're trying this but its not going well', or 'We've been considering that thing'. Because it shows involvement and activity.
  4. I like a lot of these and am posting in support of it. I do find it amusing the fact you can remove your heels and still have the pose, but do agree I'd love a flat footed stance. Especially for scene's where you're supposed to be casual.
  5. I'm definitely a fan of this in a few situations. Even if it's just a way of setting up two animations that 'sync' together. Especially things like Glory holes and some bondage equipment; feels like it would be a lot more immersive if it just worked
  6. So, I'm still fairly new here. Got drug in with the partnership to Lovense and found myself adoring this game. The lack of options can be a bit frustrating, came to sort through the forums and found the User Created content. It's pretty obvious that Lisa's doing great working at adding new content but I really wish we could see more coming from User Creations. The Tattoo contest on the Discord is great but... Maybe its time to put a bit more focus on regular inclusions of user content as long as it passes ToS/Conditions/etc? It seems like an amazing resource with a lot of potential options but considering there are sometimes a year+ between user content updates looking back on the history and then its 'an' item... Feels like missing a huge resource. Maybe reinvigorate community creations and aim for a handful on a monthly basis or some such? I want 3DX to keep thriving, so here's my suggestion. Outsource a bit more creative work on the community, check it to make sure it doesn't violate any ToS/Copyright issues and start expanding options. ~Maybelle
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