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  1. Also can not load a world anymore. I am stuck on the half built one. I can load it in editor, but it reverts when i go to it. Can not upload pictures either.
  2. I am starting to think "we are under attack" is the go to for "We have no clue what just happened"
  3. They say new server is under ddos attack now
  4. Wait it out. It will be worth it. Just look at the people you have met just complaining about the server being down. Add like 200 more cool people in game on any given day and bam, worth it. I am joking of course there are lots and lots of fun people from all over the world in game. Just given them a chance to get things straightened out. Then we can all dance the night away.
  5. yes as they are most likely moving to the new server as we speak
  6. Yes we need the heart giving the smiley face a blowjob like facebook has.
  7. I have never had any issues with freedom of speech. I think it is more how you decide to flew it, in a fun positive way or in a mean demeaning way. Stick around and at least play.
  8. I love how two lines down is spanish. Not a word said. LOL
  9. She has a major issue with 3dxchat being called a game. She jumped me just like this in my long and heartfelt first post here, then promptly said she blocked me for being a child. It seems to be her running theme now that I have read more of her replies to others. I am guessing she was never a part of the close knit gaming community most of us are from. I wouldn't worry about it. I loved your comments.
  10. You are right. We all enjoy the world they have created here or we would've left by now. Some technical issues are beyond peoples control. We are here enjoying each others company regardless. Then again I am an optimist
  11. What about a simple disable penis option where it greys out those poses? Use it if you want to , but don't have it magically appear if you don't?
  12. You lost me there, then won me back with mud wrestling. I am in.
  13. Typical 3dx, I sign on looking for a friend and make 20 new ones. Why did I wait 3 yrs to join the forum?
  14. If I ever make a new avi, it will now be known as EvilTrollKiss.
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