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  1. Copying a large object (File size) in your room will do this. I have a vase and flowers that I made that is ridiculously to big but its what I wanted so I did. However, if I try to copy this group the game crashes every time. The total world file is only 1.6mb and here's a picture of the object (Vase) for reference.
  2. If this is what we need to endure to get a little hair on our men... Whatever, I'm in!
  3. I would seriously doubt anyone would get banned. Especially since the time of the Rochi mod and without anyone that I knew actually getting banned. But that said I'm not even going to try this until I see a massive amount of people testing their accounts out for me, thanks! Just way to much time and money invested to chance it.
  4. I'm saying this is a guaranteed scenario just to open your eyes to the possibility of it. Just like T***p there's a chance.
  5. I have no clue how she is using double tops and the bottoms but knowing me I'm gonna ask her right away. However if its achieved through manipulating one of her saved files then I'm staying out anything that has to do with that stuff. I've had this account way to long to have it banned and honestly I have no idea if you can even get banned from it.
  6. So you're fine with being exclusive to Names but wait until it finds it way into clothes and the poses. I'm sure you'll care then because you can bet your last dollar that it's coming in the future. Just the first test of a cash grab.
  7. Its weird that something that's already part of the game for so long still hasn't been included for builders.
  8. I'm sure this was asked for on December 6, 2012 the day the game launched. You just have to wait a little longer.
  9. This will never happen but I wish.
  10. Wouldn't it nice if the Devs ran a poll for how many actually wanted this? All they would need to do is add it to the side of the login screen... you're in favor of a change. you're not in favor of a change. But then again, I also wish...
  11. BellaGirl

    Aki's work

    That's very batmetal of you. Love it
  12. You're making my tummy hurt from laughing @Xizi... just a perfect reaction clip!
  13. This pose was released on June 21, 2017 and was the last cumshot pose released in game. Honestly I'm starting to think the Devs are having some sort of technical limit making more. Over 5 years, something seems off to me.
  14. A quick search would show that it's been requested since 2015 so I just don't see this ever happening after all these years.
  15. Where did they place the charge port? Also, please no. Piercings, yes!
  16. I'd love to see this also without using tricks.
  17. Please contact Eva_Support#4730 on discord. She'll reset your Avatar for you.
  18. Its simple. Just load older avi files for 'ALL' three (we know you have them) of your avi's. Also remember to load a older file for your home/world just in case you might have changed something there too and forgot you did. This includes your home/world file for all of your avi's. Good luck!
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