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  1. at least my microwave is still working
  2. How y'all doing while 3dx is under DDOS attack and not working? It's like the online carona virus has come to the party. Remember to stay vigilant, social distancing saves lives. Stay safe everyone.  

  3. well i followed a thread in the forums on the same issue. saw a screenshot of what the values should be and did likewise in my documents. my FL is back so that's not so much an issue. maybe since i have a fresh version of the game, it will take a short amount of time for all my stuff to reappear. the game world being empty was a bit unnerving.
  4. great, i have the game playable again. thanks again for your help. only problem now the game world is empty. lost my entire FL and profile too. I suspect that is because i uninstalled/reinstalled the game?
  5. looking in the regestry, located the 3dxchat folder - huge list of file names in there. located the UI scale, currently set to 0x0000000.06 (6)
  6. looking at it now. very much appreciated.
  7. from my desktop? thanks for replying
  8. thanks - now this might sound like a silly question but how do I go into the game registry?
  9. I recently changed my game UI (not the brightest idea I admit) to the largest setting 3. now when I load the game i can't play the game since the UI takes up most of my screen and most of it is inaccessible. Have tried changing the settings from my documents, no luck. I tried an uninstall/reinstall and still the problem persists. Can some one please tell me a way I can resolve this issue?
  10. Shit, now I might have to get a real life Troyski!

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    2. Charity Fine

      Charity Fine

      True! Well we can all just chat here on the forums and just pretend we are watching each other dance!


    3. Charity Fine

      Charity Fine

      Well we can all just chat here on the forums and just pretend we are watching each other dance!

    4. Troyski


      sounds like a plan!

  11. Many thanks to OLESYA for the work Hotel Escape is open for everyone to enjoy.
  12. G'day all, Troyski here. Check out Escape Hotel to get your fix of 80's and classic Rock.
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