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  1. I writed about it some times. Is it really such hard to add timestamps in chat window ? I mean in at left from player name [hh:mm:ss]. Maybe i am stubborn , but i think it could help.
  2. Looking forward for this update! But - think about adding timestamp in chat window, please
  3. Hello. I agree with such functionality. But maybe it would be better that after last visitor leaving room, it could remain opened 5 min. for example ? Sometimes are disconnections and after this - when i am alone in room - i must share it again?
  4. Hello. Did Beta stop working now ? Its sad - i loved to use it for testing my locations. It is very comfortable - to have editor and - ability to check it on real game quickly. Now we can quickly compare effect of changes. I it really no ability to keep it on longer ?
  5. I never writed in this section. Is any perspective to developers will repair it - or it will be always like this ? I'm asking because it would be need to correct many my files which i created. So maybe better is wait some time or they will change it ?
  6. It would be beautiful to have ability to dancing like this:):) I agree:)
  7. Hello. I am new on the forum - I haven't written anything here yet. But I wanted to join the discussion. I think there are a few more items - which from a programming point of view should not be difficult to do here. For example - an individual lying position. A man can only lie on his back or on his stomach - why can't he on his side - just like a woman? Similarly, in the case of Slowdance - there is the position of 'Onhand' - which is inactive for 2 men.
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