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  1. Try using your server host id from the URL address bar. ex: (where xxxx is the server port id)
  2. ^^ This!!! This would allow mix and match tattoos. Then individual tattoos can be created for each zone and enable us apply the ones we like.
  3. I've had a club operating in another world for almost 8 years. And I've booted two "2" people in all that time, and then only after multiple PM complaints that that individual was harassing the women present. I would send the offender a PM warning, if he continued, I'd use the boot. That's not me unilaterally restricting anybody's access to a "Chunk of the game". That's something they caused all by themselves.
  4. This is really putting a big dent in my "ME" time.
  5. I've seen Lapdance done on a Unity game platform before. And you're right Twiggy, it was done with mo-cap. But it was done really well. So I know its possible.
  6. I'd just like to see more options for men... especially a Fedora hat and maybe a ponytail option for men too... Oh and maybe some rockabilly outfits... cuffed pants, leopard spot shoes... long wallet chains... and ZOOT SUITS!!!
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