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  1. I have spoken with other builders and most I have asked don't use this because of this grid. I want invisible to stay invisible. I was going to use it as a floor but this ruins that idea. I also wanted to use it to keep dancers from falling off of a balcony, again ruined by this grid. Yes please, visible in the editor. No thanks, it should never be visible in the open room.
  2. I know someone who accepts all hugs. She shouldn't have to click to accept, so if this gets put in, please put in the option to always accept.
  3. Likely because there is already an English word for it. Hermaphrodite.
  4. I suggested they get just a color code when I first started...
  5. Diana, I find mine to be slightly more stimulating than my other toys. However i don't know how much of that is the newness of it.
  6. Hahahahahahaha. Funniest answer all day. It is YOUR app on my computer. It's still the same BluTooth connection whether it's from a computer or a phone. It's still just as easy to hack on a phone as a computer. Probably more so since the phone is available to the phone network as well as whatever other connectivity you have it open to. Health and safety? Is this device dangerous? Can someone make it blow up inside me? I very much doubt it.
  7. Why does a phone have to be involved? I have paired a lot of devices with my computer. Why won't it pair to the computer without a dongle? The computer should pair with the device if a phone can yet the app won't let it without a dongle. It doesn't even try. It just says Lovense dongle not present or some such. Then the 2 pieces of software on the same machine should be able to connect and voila...
  8. Here is My review: Why is connecting this toy so complicated? It should only take 2 pieces of hardware. The computer and the device. The app works on a computer but apparently 3DX will only connect to it on a phone? Also, the device works wireless but only with an extra dongle? That's 4 pieces of equipment where it should only take 2. A Bluetooth enabled computer and the device. Anything else should be superfluous. There is more work from both companies to make this a good implementation. i am regretting buying the Lovense device with the poor implementation on both companies' parts. Edit for addition: The Windows app doesn't have a close button. You can log out but it doesn't close. You have to actually tell Windows to close it. More poor implementation.
  9. Jemma

    Build 428

    Love all of this patch so far with the exception of the hair color seems to wash out except in very strong white light. My auburn gets mousy brown highlights and black hair looks gray in lesser light. This happens with these hair styles and the ones from the previous patch. Otherwise they are awesome.
  10. I know people that already have multiple accounts. I met one with 6. They wouldn't even need to buy more accounts to cause a room to die. How many people are going to keep going back to a room that had to close 6 times because one person with too much money wants to be a butthead?
  11. I ended up using the Leather texture for a wood cabinet because every single version of wood looks bad for it. Either it has built in seams or it looks like it's been outside for years. I am trying to make cabinets that look like they are made by a fine cabinetmaker not something that's been in a barn for years. Also anyone that knows wood working will tell you to go with the grain not against it. Try to make an upright post the look is that it is cut across the grain. This weakens it so much it's not usable. Might as well stack cards and try to use them for a support. Heather's request for grains going 2 ways is close. We need all 3. Smooth wood grain. If you want it to shine put a thin layer of glass over it or something people :)
  12. A while back it got so going in once the game was already started causes the camera to jerk around randomly. Now you can't leave it without leaving the game.
  13. Rouge seems to do something....I also have it off as it doesn't look right to me. Lipstick not so much. Glad to hear there is a fix otw.
  14. Damn it now I have noticed my lips have no color and it's going to bother me until it's fixed! Gee thanks! (really would have noticed as some point just saying that I have the same issue).
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