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  1. Would it be possible to get separate slots for each tattoo? Would be cool to mix and match the options instead of just adjusting the opacity of the tattoos you don't want. Offers a lot more variety as well without adding more tattoos overall.
  2. Usually I am one of the calm dudes who just sits back waiting for the messy patch to get fixed but this time it's really bad... ✅ New materials nice to have I guess if you're a builder. I see it as one of these constant little updates to the editor but please keep the old stuff as it was. Changing existing patterns or textures will only cause backlash from the builders ✅ Improved eye shader (eyes will be more realistic) looking better than the old ones from what I saw so far. Good job on this one! ✅ User Interface Scale option little QL change, nice to have but I think there are a
  3. Seems like you're also unable to delete gifts. Gets removed when I first delete it but as soon as I open my profile again the gift pops back up
  4. I'm gonna miss you, kitty. Very dearly! You managed to become one of my best friends in a short amount of time so of course I'm sad to see you leaving. However I understand that RL always comes first, I think I pointed that out already when you first told me about you quitting All I can say is I enjoyed our time together very much and wish you the very best. Hopefully everything will sort itself out and we will be able to see each other again some other time. Until then take care my little kitty, and remember, you always meet people at least twice in life
  5. Needless to say I'll be there as well. Curious to see how your club finally looks like
  6. Try changing the capital letters from your .PNG ending to lower case letters .png Usually does the trick for me
  7. Had a freaking blast! Thanks again for the invitation and for letting me have such an important role
  8. Totally gonna be there wearing the suit you asked for
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