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  1. Little Friday is live! Visit https://absoluterae.com/ and click Broadcast to get to the music.
  2. Last night was awesome Rae. Another fantastic voyage into Rock. I look forward to continuing the journey of Rock over the decades with you as the tour guide.
  3. You have created something special in Absolute. You have reached more than I would guess you even realize. Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us. For sharing yourself with us and for all you did in this world. Your absence will forever be felt and you will be missed Rae. Pedro
  4. Love the thought and effort you put into your announcements. This looks like fun, I'll be there!
  5. I'll never forget when I quit my job to be free of that place. Definitely something worth celebrating.
  6. Another great event with great DJ's. Sounds like a great time ahead.
  7. Ah ok. I thought so, just wasn't sure. Sounds like a lot of fun.
  8. Hey, I was wondering... Will this just be Volbeat, or will it be Volbeat cover's as well? Pedro
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