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  1. Dust in the Wind

    1. panCDCA


      All we are is dust in the wiiiinddddd

  2. Okay, I spoke too soon about the memory leak. Tonight it increased to 1500M over the course of around an hour.
  3. Good news: It looks like the memory leak is fixed. Bad news: The 64 bit client appears to use twice as much memory as the 32bit client did. It starts at around 900M. Even with the memory leak, the 32 bit client never used that much. It doesn't seem to be causing me any issues, but I've got a lot of RAM. Still, worth checking out. Tlaera
  4. While we're shooting, let's shoot for the moon. I'd like to suggest the Gizmo go full open source on the 3dxclient. Put it on github and everything. I know this is a really hard decision to make. I've been there. There are serious cons, including your competitors being able to steal your code, and your customers finding ways to abuse others. But there are serious pros too. There are a number of professional software devolpers who would contribute to the game. If Gizmo is the only Dev, then just having two or three of us contribute would substantially increase available dev resources. Gizmo, you'd still decide what goes into the game, which commits to take, etc. But you'd get a lot of the smaller UI things implemented for you in your code base, and that would allow you to focus on the bigger, architectural features like pose and clothing editors. As for the cons. While competitors could see your code, they wouldn't have access to the server side components, so they couldn't copy you outright. And while some people would look at the code and find loopholes to make things worse for others, there would be more of us to help fix those bugs and close those loopholes. This is not a decision I expect you to make lightly. But please take some time to consider it. Tlaera
  5. Sure. I speak kitty. She said: "Woohoo 64 bit. Thanks Dev Team. My MSI PC with 16 Gig of RAM says thank you too." "/me meows" "It can stretch its legs a bit now."
  6. I follow MeiLing rather closely, and this is simply not true. She doesn't threaten to quit. Quite the opposite. In many of the threads where people are complaining to Gizmo, she supports him and thanks him for what he does. On Windows, the main difference between a 32 bit process and a 64 bit process is that the 64 bit one can access more that 2 gigabytes of RAM. Even with the memory leak, no one was getting anywhere near 2 gigabytes of RAM usage in 3dxchat. The much more interesting change is the upgrade to Unity 2018.3. Many of the bugs in 3dxchat were actually bugs in Unity itself, and the recent engine is more performant than the old one 3dx was using. Moving to the new one will have a bigger day to day impact on people than the 64 bit client will. Tlaera
  7. OMG, how many of my fetishes can you cover in one image?
  8. Tlaera

    Beautiful Women Images

    She looks like a rock climber...
  9. That is some seriously cool hair.
  10. Tlaera

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    I have nothing to prove to you. --Carol Danvers
  11. The description is short and sweet. I suspect that the implementation is not. I completely agree that this is a good feature that would make things better in the game. I'm just saying that the fact that it's not here yet doesn't necessarily mean that Gizmo doesn't want to do it. It may just be hard/destabilizing to fit it into the current codebase.
  12. Tlaera

    Beautiful Women Images

    Oh ... my ... fucking ... god ...
  13. Thank you, Gizmo, for bringing Offline Messages back. I also like the new feature where when you send a message to someone who is offline, it tells you. Keep up the great work! Tlaera
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