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  1. Gizmo & Lisa. Yeah, well... what can I say? It's 3dx Chat. Please stay focused and avoid looking at everyone's profile before moving.
  2. Gizmo & Lisa. It is alright to have fun while moving. Please don't get carried away as we are waiting with baited anticipation!.
  3. Gizmo & Lisa. Here are some helpful tips about moving servers. Please be careful, we all depend on you!
  4. I think they may have staffing issues with those who keep the servers running.
  5. Socializing I should probably clarify by what I mean before the list of comments on it gets any longer. "This is a social game more than anything else." When you look at what is going on, at what is driving the activity, you find players interacting with other players. Unlike many other online game genres, this one has a sexual component to it. Sex has a strong emotional content to it. In this game most players have an emotional interaction with another player, hence why we end up with that dirty word which shows up on many profiles, drama. There isn't a lot of content related to interactio
  6. 3dxChat tips for the new player After getting multiple PM’s that start out with “Hi Sasha” or “Hey Sasha” and being curious, responding and finding out there is a nice person behind the other side of the screen; I would start to share my tips with the new players. Here are my tips for new players to help them get started and to lift themselves up out of the noobie status. For Experienced Players: When a noobie is colding when they shouldn’t, send them the link to this post. Maybe we can make a difference with one new player at a time. This is not a guide
  7. PM Hotkeys Have hotkeys for pm's. For example Ctrl+1. Can switch between pm's without having to move hand to mouse and back again. Enter Key Sets Chat Focus When the chat box does not have focus. Hitting the Enter Key will set focus to the chat box. Avoids the move mouse to click, again as in above case. Move Exit PM Button Shift the Exit PM Button to the side of chat which is closest to the edge of screen. Will help avoid misclicks of closing PM's and Group Chat. Channels A larger, long term suggestion. Most online games have channels instead of items like WC, LC and a single group chat
  8. Name Plate Suggestion Regarding the names above the Avi's. Normally we see them in white. The suggestion would be to change the color for those who are on your Friends List. Say gold for instance. This will make it easier to spot friends in crowded rooms when they come in. Favorites List Allow users to tag someone on our Friends List shown on the left side of the profile dialog. This would sort them to the top of the list for quick access. Possible extension of the idea would be multiple tags, Fav, Friend or Acquaintance.
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