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  1. Gizmo & Lisa. Yeah, well... what can I say? It's 3dx Chat. Please stay focused and avoid looking at everyone's profile before moving.
  2. Gizmo & Lisa. It is alright to have fun while moving. Please don't get carried away as we are waiting with baited anticipation!.
  3. Gizmo & Lisa. Here are some helpful tips about moving servers. Please be careful, we all depend on you!
  4. I think they may have staffing issues with those who keep the servers running.
  5. Socializing I should probably clarify by what I mean before the list of comments on it gets any longer. "This is a social game more than anything else." When you look at what is going on, at what is driving the activity, you find players interacting with other players. Unlike many other online game genres, this one has a sexual component to it. Sex has a strong emotional content to it. In this game most players have an emotional interaction with another player, hence why we end up with that dirty word which shows up on many profiles, drama. There isn't a lot of content related to interactions which promote the general thoughts about socializing, this is true. People have many play styles which differ one from the other. Some people like to join in the party in local chat, some want to limit who they chat with, some will avoid it all together. There is a full spectrum of personalities here. With all that said, sex is a social activity, assuming the players are not just pose clicking. It is a give and take in what ever form that turns someone on. At some basic level most players are actually socializing with others. There is chatting, which is reading and responding to what the other writes. Hugging, kissing, slow dancing, which are playing with another player and responding to their actions. Then there is the sex. To get to this point generally involves some interaction, excluding colds, and it is important for new players to know how to get there without all the frustration new players have. People give off clues of how they want to be approached, what they are interested in, what they don't like or do like. New players should take the clues from reading profiles, looking at galleries, picking up on conversations in local chat. This will help you adjust to the situation and have a more enjoyable game As a new player you can play the game by using just the sex poses and enjoy the excitement you see on the screen. The avi's provide lots of eye candy to look at. To pursue this option you will want to find rooms which have "Cold" in the title. This requires the least amount of interactions with other players. The other option is to interact with the other players using the tips provided in the original post, make some friends (not referring to Friends List), hang out, flirt and do your thing. Plenty of options available. There is a lot packed into "This is a social game more than anything else.", my apologies if I created any confusion. -Sasha ♥
  6. 3dxChat tips for the new player After getting multiple PM’s that start out with “Hi Sasha” or “Hey Sasha” and being curious, responding and finding out there is a nice person behind the other side of the screen; I would start to share my tips with the new players. Here are my tips for new players to help them get started and to lift themselves up out of the noobie status. For Experienced Players: When a noobie is colding when they shouldn’t, send them the link to this post. Maybe we can make a difference with one new player at a time. This is not a guide on how to use the interface. But you should take some time to learn how the interface works. Sex STOP and get your mind off sex at the start. You will have time for that after you properly prepare for being out in the big wild world of 3dxChat. Practice Take some time and use the bots, Bob and Betty, in your own room. This room shows up as “My World” at the top when viewing locations. Click the pink “Add Virtual Partner” button in the upper left corner and you can add a bot to practice having sex. Different objects such as couches, beds, pools give you the option to initiate a sex pose in that spot. Simply mouse over and you will see the big green asterisk cursor to start. Then practice your poses, get a good idea of what they do. A good tip is that when you are having sex with a player, the PM tab with the player, will have a “Swap Role” option at the top to allow you two to swap roles of which person is giving or receiving. Emotes There is an emote command which allows you to emote what you are doing. This is especially important to use during sex, but can be used in general. For example, “/me hugs” or “/me kisses you tenderly”. Get creative and explore your use of vocabulary when having sex. This is often referred to as RP or Cybersex in game. The better players develop a generous vocabulary to describe what they are doing during sex while in a particular pose. It can be intimidating at the start, try to relax and enjoy yourself. Get a feel for what your partner likes and if you both have a good time you may end up being friends, or at least have a repeat encounter. Avatar The first thing another player is going to notice about you is your Avatar or just avi. So, some work needs to go into creating a presentable persona. This is where the Character Editor is needed. Again, spend some time with the interface and understand your options. Start with the body and use the Face and Shape & Colors options. We all have our own personal preferences of what we like in partners and that is the point, what is your avi going to look like when naked? Clothing Then there is what your avi looks like when you are wearing clothes. Experiment with different clothes and looks. Be ready with a swimsuit look in case you end up dancing on a beach or some sexy undies if going for an intimate encounter. The term “Eye Candy” applies in this situation. You want to appear appealing to your partner. Use accessories like hats, glasses, collars and bracelets to help your avi pop and stand out from the crowd. Colors Learning to use colors is important. Some of the clothing allows you to set the color. There are some basic predefined selections, use them. There is also a color wheel which allows you to tweak the colors to get exactly what you want. Which brings up the question, what do you want? Check out the other avi’s as you explore the world and you will get some ideas of what you can do. Another option is go and Google “color palettes” to find complimentary colors which work together. An important tip is to be aware of what works for your avi’s skin tone. A general rule is that for darker skin tones use warm colors and for lighter skin tones you want to use cool colors. Profile This is your first introduction, so use it well. Also be sure to read other player’s profiles. You can use this space to express yourself about anything you want. It could be describing your avi, expressing what you are looking for or any random thing you can think of. It is a chance to give players a first impression. What ever you do, DON’T LEAVE IT BLANK for long. Colors You can enhance your profile by adding some color to it. This link will give you the details of how to do that. http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/559-colored-text-in-profiles/ Gallery This is another area which is wide open for options. You will get lots of ideas by looking at other avi’s galleries. There are a couple of guide lines. Use them, try not to leave any blank. It is another opportunity for you to express yourself. Use your gold when you can to buy more photo slots. A quick word about online safety. Using personal pics can be a risk to your safety. Yes, you cannot download the pics, but it is possible to take screenshots. So be aware and use your discretion. Practice the same safety you would with any other site. Remember, once it is on the net it is always on the net. Socializing This is a social game more than anything else. You want to get laid? Socializing helps to make it better. Colds DON’T DO IT. When a player performs any of those actions listed below with another player without prior consent, it is considered a “cold”. Most players hate it and it is annoying. It will most likely end up with you on their ignore list. The only safe option if you don’t know a player is Profile and Private Message. There are rooms where colds are accepted and they will either tell you in the title of the room in the Locations list or with a sign once inside the room. So, pay attention. Cold List Add to group chat Send gift Add to friends Invite to my place Partner Slow dance Cuddle Kiss cheek Local There are two default chat windows, World and Local. World Chat, WC, can get out of control, so use some caution here about what you say. Local Chat is for conversations for the room you are in. This is where socializing really starts. You can use PM’s to talk to a person in private at any time. Local Chat lets you join in the general room conversation. It is a good way to gently ease into socializing. Join in with comments, joking and other behavior you might when going to a party in real life, RL. Players who are chatting in this channel are about having a good time. You will also get a feel for who’s who, what the vibe is and lots of social information you need to navigate successfully through your interactions with others. So, use it. Breaking the Ice At this point you have noticed a player, read their profile and checked out their photo gallery. Now you want to start a Private Message with them, what do you do? This really depends on the situation, but in general, start a conversation with some piece of information you gathered from their profile or gallery. When you can move past the “Hi, how are you” comment, you know you have shed your noobie status. It is an art form just as it is in RL. The only guideline is that you be situational aware. Be aware if a player is currently interacting with another player. If they are slow dancing, kissing, dancing close to each other or Sync Dancing, this is a sign that they are involved in someway with socializing with each other player. Don’t interrupt and respect their space. Sync Dancing You will notice avi’s in sync when dancing from time to time. This is a nice way to show you are socializing with another player. It is a consensual act and some players don’t like it when you sync with them, so be aware. This is how you do it if your partner is up for this. Positioning is important and will require some trial and error. Option One: 1. Both of you do the same dance move to get started. 2. Then do a Cuddle. But this option will move your avi’s and affects position. Option Two: 1. Both of you do the same dance move to get started. 2. You do the Partner action. This of course means your partner agrees. 3. Select a ‘clothed’ Foreplay pose. 4. Quickly click the Stop Sex button and you are in sync. Be Polite Here are some not so obvious things to avoid if you want to be a polite player. Avoid dancing in another player’s personal space. The distance will vary depending on how packed a dance floor is, so use your better judgement. Avoid accidentally syncing with a player next to you when dancing. It might give the impression you are dancing with them and creates an unwanted social situation. Avoid standing on the dance floor and looking at a player. This is just creepy. No Colds Other Related Post Links Epi's beginners guide http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/4331-epis-beginners-guide/?hl=guide your online safety http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/8764-your-online-safety/?hl=guide&do=findComment&comment=341211 A guide to self-preservation http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/4870-a-guide-to-self-preservation/?hl=guide Roleplay guide for 3DX Chat http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/969-roleplay-guide-for-3dx-chat/?hl=guide (3rd Party Website, useful tools for profile, gift text and other things) Website to see actual 3DXChat server status https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/11021-website-to-see-actual-3dxchat-server-status/
  7. Gives some snuggle bunny huggs ♥ :)

  8. Thinks my wife is sweeter than pudding ♥ :)

  9. Three beautiful months ♥ :)

  10. "And I remember, how it all came true" ♥ :)

  11. luvs you ♥ :)

  12. PM Hotkeys Have hotkeys for pm's. For example Ctrl+1. Can switch between pm's without having to move hand to mouse and back again. Enter Key Sets Chat Focus When the chat box does not have focus. Hitting the Enter Key will set focus to the chat box. Avoids the move mouse to click, again as in above case. Move Exit PM Button Shift the Exit PM Button to the side of chat which is closest to the edge of screen. Will help avoid misclicks of closing PM's and Group Chat. Channels A larger, long term suggestion. Most online games have channels instead of items like WC, LC and a single group chat.
  13. Name Plate Suggestion Regarding the names above the Avi's. Normally we see them in white. The suggestion would be to change the color for those who are on your Friends List. Say gold for instance. This will make it easier to spot friends in crowded rooms when they come in. Favorites List Allow users to tag someone on our Friends List shown on the left side of the profile dialog. This would sort them to the top of the list for quick access. Possible extension of the idea would be multiple tags, Fav, Friend or Acquaintance.
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