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  1. Ok thank you very much for the advice @MeiLing I shall try and make my profile in game something special so people will hopefully want to interact with me
  2. Hi everyone I'm pretty new to 3dx only made an account a few days ago but I have a hard time making friends due to being shy and socially anxious even in video games I still find it challenging but I've been reading through the forums so far and it seems like there are a lot of really great people here and I figured it seemed safer to make this post then try to start conversations with random people in 3dx to start and maybe make a friend or two on here first to maybe help meet more people but I do wanna work on getting better with that. And well this is a sex game too so also hoping to experience some intimacy with the right people..I normally do live my life as a male but I have fantasies and find it exciting to be feminine and slutty so I made a sissy girl and like the fact that 3dx gives me the chance to explore that a bit more openly and I have already had a few sex encounters with a random player or two and found it very exciting. I hope I find my place here with all you fantastic people
  3. I'm new and I like to play as a kitsune sissy looking for a kind Mommy domme to help with new experiences. I'd like a futa but I'd be ok with women too
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