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  1. what? once more? hope we'll receive payed days.
  2. what areyou waiting? any masseges or "sorry" from developers? or +payed days for days of server down? lol we'll receive nothing. this is a policy of game owners. may be tomorrow we'll receive new stuppid update with one new chair and lamp. lol
  3. instead of making money by attracting new players by improving the game, the developers decided to make money by deceitfully withdrawing through the billing company ppl - check your credit cards!
  4. why i need make any more procedure if i made one-time payment? moreover, when i tried stop it i received as result 100$ monthly payment more!
  5. moreover - game billing company change every one-time payment as monthly. is it a new game polisy?
  6. what about payment for this day - 8.11.18 when we cant use the game? will we pay for new stuppid update ?
  7. 'd like if cums will stay on the face and body same time/
  8. what was technical upgrade in stupid worst graphic hair styles? lol
  9. The worst patch from all patches . stupid hairs styles with worst graphic quality that is developers work???
  10. I'm so sorry, but till now, 2.0 version is an epic fake(((. Nothing interest during more than half year. May be anybody think that this is developer's good work? i'm so sorry. Except acid colors and some little things and so many bugs - nothing. For what we are disburse?
  11. Firky

    Sexy in my game

    My screenshots from Skyrim with sex mods
  12. Firky


    i'm and my husb' cock))
  13. Firky


    think its dosnt real)
  14. Firky


    and a little fun pict from our party)
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