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  1. Thanks! Have you had luck using a prepaid Mastercard? The cards are $6 each, so I'm hoping to avoid the trial and error.
  2. Hi all, BMT Micro is declining my payments. I'm in the US. I've paid for 3dxchat in the past using physical, prepaid VISA debit cards. This year, I bought a new card at a large, reputable retail chain store (like I've done in the past)... in other words, I didn't buy from a random online seller or something. BMT Micro's site still says they accept VISA debit cards. And the card's website on the back of the card confirmed the balance is $50, enough to cover the current subscription price. But, BMT Micro declined the card. The error reads: "Prepaid cards starting with 411810 cannot be processed at this time. Please use a different card." When I asked their customer service, they said: "Debit cards can be used for one-time purchases, but may not always work for subscription products which all come with recurring billing. You are attempting to buy a subscription product." So, instead I placed an order for the one-time "Game-Time Code," and again, BMT Micro declined the charge with the same error message. I reached out, told them I followed their instructions and bought a one-time purchase, and this time they said: "The error that you see is an issue with the processing bank. They are not accepting prepaid cards of that type. We are unable to correct that, as it is not on our end, but an issue with the bank." Does anyone know a work-around for this? Anyone had luck with another brand (i.e. different starting numbers) of VISA prepaid debit cards? I looked into crypto, but the fees seemed really high and I've never bought crypto before - I'm worried I'm going to pay too much for fees or buy too little/too much or have to report something on taxes or ??? lol... Thanks for your help!!
  3. Hi! I just noticed that the game is saving a game.json file (and maybe other stuff) to the Documents/3DXChat/Settings folder. I tried deleting it but it just came right back the next time I launched the game. Is there any way to tell the game to save that somewhere else? I share the computer with others, and we have the Documents folder automatically backing up to the cloud. Not very discrete having it there!
  4. AnnaTriss


    These are amazing. Thanks all for sharing! I'll be sure to put up some of my own designs once I finish them again... lost a bunch in a computer meltdown.
  5. Thanks for posting! This is really helpful!
  6. I know it's been suggested before, but I so badly wish there were room descriptions. Having room descriptions would let RP reach a whole new level. Like... it would jump from an afterthought to a major perk/feature of the game!! It's SO hard to setup an RP story in the tiny 30 character room name. Devs??? Pretty pleeeeeez???
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