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  1. Hi! I just noticed that the game is saving a game.json file (and maybe other stuff) to the Documents/3DXChat/Settings folder. I tried deleting it but it just came right back the next time I launched the game. Is there any way to tell the game to save that somewhere else? I share the computer with others, and we have the Documents folder automatically backing up to the cloud. Not very discrete having it there!
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    These are amazing. Thanks all for sharing! I'll be sure to put up some of my own designs once I finish them again... lost a bunch in a computer meltdown.
  3. Thanks for posting! This is really helpful!
  4. I know it's been suggested before, but I so badly wish there were room descriptions. Having room descriptions would let RP reach a whole new level. Like... it would jump from an afterthought to a major perk/feature of the game!! It's SO hard to setup an RP story in the tiny 30 character room name. Devs??? Pretty pleeeeeez???
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