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  1. It's thosr thingy you don't really needed, but good to have for increasing rp fun——if they don't cost that much
  2. Hey! that's a good idea! we can make a sports bar and sell virtual beers and hot dog to everyone
  3. Unfortunately the only ball-like shaped little thingy we can throw it's vape. But by this logic, it could be fun if we have some other little things in future such as caps or coins, that will make the game a lot cheaper to play ps: maybe we can use lollipops instead of vapes? they're a lot cheaper and small enough
  4. so... I made this lil game since we can now throwing things 3.0 version, it might be glitchy but... could be a choice to fulfill the lack of in-game minigames? feel free to use it anywhere, but please don't malicious use it for earning xgolds please measure the distance(top of the stairs) before throwing vapes into the board Truth-Dare-Spank-Board.world
  5. 3dxchat, but when it's 16+
  6. new glitch the shader of 3.0 it's kinda...... glitched, colours appeal on clothing will be more grey-ish than it supposes to be. fox tails turns a little red on it's tip when you set it's colour to pute white and dis: 3DXChat 2023-05-19 13-20-38.mp4
  7. ※succubus/ bat wings has been moved down a lit bit, now it's more like morrigan's wing, but not that slim. correction: it must be a glitch, but it looks super cool
  8. time to make an lover's motel with different themed rooms
  9. ※2 old dresses are fully upgraded... could be a new way to make an maiden dress~ ※beer cooler and buckets are awsome! and you can insert cheeseburger and those penisicle inside it ※not seen any new ear rings ※glass effects works perfectly ※there is lot and lotta things to nom! and you can litter the ground with foods!——although they only exist for 5-10 seconds ※v a p e ✧٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧
  10. from the new video giz just post, it seems we'll have: ※textures for old dresses! ※beer cooler and an... empty cooler? ※same as the buckets! ※new earrings! (maybe?) ※more realistic glass effects aaand...... ※TONS OF NOMMABLES!!! yayyyyy!
  11. well... that's what you said tho, I'm not and never gonna say they shouldn't put a merch, what I mean it's "not a good time" especially when giz is playing ded for several months on his blog and shows no response, then it's not a perfect time to just throw a merch and back to afk—— but he do leave something about update here yesterday , so... it's not totally bad. Also I'm using depress as an emotion not cultural, and not medical. I'm not a professional developer myself also, but I do used unity a little so I understand it could take some time for debug everything. But since this blog is used for exhibit and show what they've done, it's not making sence if they just make update contents before upgrade the engine, and those contents are done since start of the year. Then... 5 months it's a little too... long? for just debugging and fixing. But it could make sence if they really do everything before upgrade the engine...... that may explained why they spend a lot of time on this upgrading.
  12. he do bring surprises!
  13. fun fact: there is already 'months' passed and it's only an engine update, not changing. It could take some time, but it's unnormal to be more than 2 months. And also: they did released at least a playable/ displayable version on April Fools day. It have to be done after the unity version updates or the whole thing won't make any sence( Make all this before update unity=make more bugs and errors to fix ). AAAnd... for the "instead", I'm not sure if giz and other devs having any known about the depression and negative emotions spreading around the forum, but a merch is definitely something could raise this situation to a more severely level. even it's because the partner wants him to do, but instead of communication he just dropped those official ads...not pretty cheerful eh? An hour or even just 10 minutes effort will make crowds gets more grumpy and feelings abandoned, and that's kinda how the things goes: players who's waiting for update are just like some abandoned/neglected kids, trying anything to raise attention from their parents, but non of them really cares. anyway... since the update is still not arrived, let's hope giz is preparing some huge surprise for all of us, we still have chance eh?
  14. technically it is correct... but I'm just wondering if and only if they can try some other ways to earn some money such as selling special ingame items/clothes that would not infects the main experience of the game...... will the things become better and we don't have to do this meanless queues of waiting no more? I understand it could be the key that opens the gate of greedy, but only if......
  15. Devs said they're upgrading the unity engine to current version, and they did maintaining the server and released some teases. but for last month there's only maintainence and merchandising.
  16. if they need extra money to pay the servers and debt from sponsor like lovense, they can just giving us some extra/vip contents to buy/ selling some custom designs other than xgolds, no one will be mad with that since this is the game we love afterall. But merchandising? After whole five month? To sell something people may not interested to buy? Instead of the update which most of the contents seems pretty done? nice merchandising, I love modded skyrim :>
  17. I'm afraid if devs are copying what Gabe is doing, then............ oh no......
  18. 71 days or another 5 months passed...... It's almost half of a year since last majorupdate, 3 month from latest update plan released, 1 month from last announcement of ongoing update ...... I love skyrim :>
  19. maybe one day we'll find out our devs are sloth or some kind of snail thingy and horribly drunk, so their every step is j.................u..................s..................t s..................l..................o..................w but anyway... It's good to suffer on time for quality, just wish It's not too long......
  20. *awkwardly silence with criket noise* But true... There's always someone in game who just like to show their 'proness' even they don't have any skills or sence of shame...... or just lazy as f....ungus : p
  21. You forget :' and the middle finger I can raise to room stealers'
  22. exactly what I do, now I only sharing small products that can be done in an hour or two
  23. It's dark&darker... Which is really a shame because technically they're just "stealing their own creations", but seems NEXON is not happy about that
  24. Indeed, there are quite a lot of nasty room stealers in game. One of the most direct examples is plush's Bikini motel - it was stolen and then found out by creator. Then that room stealer not only didn't repent, but even modified it to a crappy rebuild as something called "motel ruins" to mock the creator. It's nasty, but we don't have much ways to prevent it from happening. There is one possible way to prevent is after finishing the room, just throw tags everywhere then detatch/degroup everything in set before open it to public, even it got stolen, room stealers will either take tons of time to modify everything, or simply give up due to the complexity of the room. I'm not sure does it really help... but could be good way to try.
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