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  1. maybe try to wear bra instead of top...? For who knows how long we just want our outfits be less expose... you can see almost every outfits has the cleavage design so maybe——give a try?
  2. we already have large and small demon horns... and the old-cartoonic demon horn, so...... would we have this as a more succubus vibe choice in future?
  3. basically that will be a lot easier, since they just have to make one texture with image of skin( without tatoos) under it, but for honestly I don't really understand why this took so long.
  4. This! With a turtleneck crop top, no other tops needed for this season
  5. Second rule of World Chat: No swimming in toilet when you already know it is
  6. they need really high quality so...
  7. There's a little trick on sound revamp in some other game is make some sample sounds, with different tones, then raise/lower pitch it by a slider. As long as the pitch is under control( which meant characters can't sound like squirrels or moyai statues)... it could be easy to apply and modify...?
  8. it may not happened often in private lands and some servers... but world island and some of the worlds are kinda... too much more trolls, bumping roaming around or mess with other's bumpers . That's one of reasons I give up there... and the others is it's engine. But you're right, it's worth to pay for such a little place.
  9. Because to be honest... I'm kinda worried about they will make bikinis as mini as possible...... ehh, forgot about that, both is better
  10. not bikini but this hairstyle pleeeeease
  11. It sounds not like a bad idea, especially for increasing player bases and some new incomes for devs. But imagine everyday there's 10 trolls, monkes and colders smashing in your room,trolling and hugging around, stealing your ideas, rooms and creations, spamming "send nude", "wanna have some sex?", throwing out some cheap RPs, endless colds or even advertisement links... That's what happened at SL and MnFclub ... maybe it's not a very good idea. Even there is a possible way to add an purchasable adult content pass for all sex/nude contents like iMVU to filter out trolls, but still... what can devs serve after filtered most of poses, some of clothing and almost all player rooms for f2p players
  12. This glitch exists from last 3-5 version with complicated details, spheres/ half spheres and all half archs. Seems like when a small prop(object's area smaller than a standard cube object) has more than 800kb-1mb details, it sucks avatar in ground. And also : The half archs now has non-physics(you can walk through it), but spheres has a larger clipping zone(hitbox? physics?) make avatars float when they walking onto them.
  13. So we already got the tied up crops and hot pants... ehh, will there be a cowboy hat and boots in future?
  14. @GizmoSice you're active these days...... May I ask a silly question about why all new hairstyles since build 428 doesn't have any thick... or simply any fringes? Even they looks like they suppose to have one? Is that your little kink/fetish
  15. either change breast size to several fixed sizes to fit in breast poses only, or doing nothing but make some other pose. Obviously the second choice offend fewer players. It's sad but its understandable... btw we do have a 'titty fucking pose' in pool pose sets, you just have to apply it on a couch
  16. so what? ARE YOU AN ASIAN? No? Then there's no right you have to DECIDE HOW WE LOOK ya Tinybrainy stereotypo phuckhedd, keep those eyes to yourself, we don't look like that anyways, just use them properly so everyone can see there's a raciest moron roaming around besides: I never said far east is an racist callin, just said we never called us that ya drama king, if you really have girlfriend from there . She either not exists, or she may feel ashamed if she knows this xdd
  17. Which country of your Far-east and Asian you mean ? As far as I know we neither call ourselves 'far-east' and nor look like the pic you shown. Besides, you can't see the problem of your suggestion? Well, seems your monke like brain only filled with stereotype in there and never hesitate to show to public. Thanks for bringing the toxic to here monke, we really enjoy your show I won't hijack this thread further so just be simple: YOU RACIST MORON
  18. As an Asian irl: We don't look like this you s*lly f*ck, go waste your stereotype on colding, that may help a bit
  19. should we say the awarded avatars are... slightly little......not pretty as the others devs putting on news?
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