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  1. seems they either too busy or "too busy", so they don't even care what happened to game/forum
  2. oh please no......
  3. okay then~ since I'm the noob who making those things, I could say that I'm still updating these just for players who is waiting for their new clothes, but that's all. everyone wants new things, did they do anything ? Nada, they're even too lazy to built a room :3 maybe next time do something before you define me as a noob~ I truly hope I could see them before I fixed these and back to SL. But will it happened?
  4. yeah that's true! I haven't find out when I'm posting these... maybe because I'm always wearing black
  5. It's still sad to see and do the math even everybody already knows that :c
  6. Well... from some point, I'm now creating this for those players who waiting their new clothes for about whole year, but not for save the game. It's more like a promise to finish before one day I can't wait no more and just leave the community. So until I finished fix all these, I won't think about leaving. Can't say much more here if I don't want get banned....... I guess. But you got the point somehow :c
  7. let's trust it may... or may not. Since Lisa doesn't replied anything yet, I'm fixing it anyway. I hope she'll be satisfied by those... cause the quality level she want is really near to some game made by Illusion. I have to put a lot more extra work on this... wish me lucky
  8. I truelly hope so... I want those rings and foxtail for months, but we ain't have nothing yet... :c
  9. but just a little... very little, it's hardly to see laces on the bra part because it's one part of solid texture, not like the maiden dress: the laces and dress are separated 2 parts, nor like the lace lingerie: it's completely transparent when dark
  10. actually what we're facing in official version it's worse... if I could say that. first, if these hairstyles are based on Skyrim's UBBE hairstyles(or just get right from there), I'm really worried about how is our devs real level of skills... you see, these are not some old hairstyles, I'm sure it's released later than update 390, which we basically hardly get many updates on hairstyles and clothes after this update. if they got this from somewhere but not created by themselves(but of course they personalized something so it could fit the hats), could we seen the new stuffs from the update are came from the same way? secondly, remember I said "dev's real level of skills" ? I haven't doubt it since I start playing this game until I saw this... Then I realized actually what we got it's not they made by their own. it may came from the u3d store or somewhere else then edited. It's fully understandable since it's not easy to make things fit for the avatar and they have to fix the rigs. But why, just why: 1:Why the quality they want isn't what we got in the game? the earlier clothes may meet their quality, such like the female biker jacket and the punk boots: it got a lot of wrinkles and details such as soles or shades/reflecting when swaps to different color. But why the clothes and shoes we get after 390 update(which is face/head model updated) are all getting a weird --- non shadowed/wrinkled looking? new shoes vs old shoes that exists since the game ever exist NEW SHOES/BOOTS(has non soles) OLD BOOTS(detailed with sole) Just in case if somebody says all high heels doesn't have details like soles NEW HOODIE VE OLD JACKET NEW HOODIE OLD JACKET This compare is not very clear, but if you can see there's not much details on the new hoodie as the jacket. and when drag the color diagram, it turns to completely dark, no reflections , and not showing it's texture(the pocket) at all AND...THE WIERD LINEN LOOKING Old, wrinkled, Linen lookin Old,Wrinkled, Smooth New, Not much-wrinkled, Linen why the new updated item it's even worse than before if they see wrinkles as quality and more on dresses: old dresses(detailed, has it's shadow and reflecting) Maiden dress(new, and it's a lot smoother... but at least it got laces) coverall dress(oh pls no......) you can see very obviously lack of details on the updated dresses, especially the coverall dress: it's basically built on texture and 4 buttons. when you color it to black, the whole texture turns to black but not like the old dresses (feel familiar eh?) aaand laces... Old lace lingerie when drags to full black OH NO......(New laces bra doesn't have transparent details when drags to black) suure, many of you might say "it's okay, it doesn't confused us when we're playing". Yeah... that's true...... then I realized: why their required quality for adding new items in by player it's this: I sent them the things I made, I admit I didn't add details such as soles on those boots. but look at the things we got above and what I have made: aren't they somewhat same with what we already have...? I even put more details... But of course, it is better when we got new high quality clothes, so I'm still fixing some of them... still, this makes me really doubt what is their real level of skill and their level of expectation/ambition after I read and photoed/compared all these 2: If I could show a rate chart, we could see that every new update we got , the quality of the item it's decreasing but the glitches are raising. if devs are really working on this by their own, just 2 person, it is a really hard work I must say. It's fully understandable to work all this system by 2 it's a really hard job. But what really happened? why they hardly shown up, and we never get a official pose/clothes editor they said before? Finally, @Deraiit's right...I really don't want to say this but seems the cooperating with lovense hasn't do much things to game... the player numbers are not as much as before, we haven't get many new stuff they promised, even they don't accept things we finished although the stuff they created by their own it's quite same as we created. Before me, @Loruna has created soo much poses for them... why they're not in game? Why the pirated server has even more stuff than us? And why the cooperation hasn't do much pushes to game? we may never know the answer :c https://unsee.cc/album#ze05wumGdsqWHW6Q clearer version of those created clothes
  11. https://3dxforum-com.translate.goog/index.php?/topic/2208-user-created-content/&_x_tr_sl=en&_x_tr_tl=zh-CN&_x_tr_hl=en-GB&_x_tr_pto=nui,elem sadly... seems no user created contents are passing and been added to game till now...... except clothes prints
  12. it is possible to make the female avatar's feet on the correct position, it just need to replace that part with a flat posing rig btw, I'm not sure about connecting the sex room and non-sex room together it's a good idea, someone may just want chill/vibe in their room, but if there is a people humping around that will be so awkward. But building together it's a 100% good idea :3
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiP14ED28CA
  14. We could already make the body part with latex stockings, bikini bottom and corset~ what we miss it's just the long latex gloves and the head wear. After I have the head part I'll go finish them asap~ the dress on the right bottom conor of first picture suppose to be another sexy styled nun dress, which is like: (we can't have long dresses so...... :c ) It's not that extreme, but more halloween style, that could make sure we have 3 kinds of outfit :3
  15. heeyy folks, I'm currently fixing these following clothes: these clothes will get fixed asap all dresses: add wrinkles details to meet Lisa's quality assassin suit: add carving details to the arm part so it's more realistic boots: adding sole since I didn't have the head of the avatar, I could only fix the body part now. I'll fix all hats and masks later if I got that part. Unfortunately, that includes the nun scarf , so for a while we won't get that part for the fixed nun dress :c thanks for all of you who's waiting for these, I'll try to get everything fixed as fast as I could, and see if they could been added into game
  16. It will be so nice if we have these options, those will make the game more like a life simulator but not just for sex:D BTW, we could already make some ninja styled avatar(althouth it may look crappy or more cyberpunk like : P)
  17. I'm sorry to reply after about 2 days later... because my vpn it's down, but the fact is: Lisa did give me detailed feedback and the quality she want, which is like: I guess I just needs to add more details on these stuff to make it more qualitied, then bring it back to here. I'm sorry for make everyone happy but not bringing what they want on time, maybe months later, I'll got them fixed and bring them back :c
  18. Hello there people~~~ we got some progress here~~~ so what we have here for you it's the Hawaiian shirt for male @Khallum Troy I got you a shirrrrt and we have 2 punky styled shirts/pants for female(actually it's more emo I guess ┓( ´∀` )┏) and as bonus: introducing thy sexy assassin suuuuit and thy gloooooooves all of those are finished and checking for quality~~
  19. why can't you stop whining about the clothes? There is quite a lot choises for male avatar, and I'm still making more for them. the problem is not and never will be the tail nor the fantasy styled clothes, so stop whining around plllls Also, ain't a lot of male avatar just wearing same polo or t-shirts, but not trying to pay more attention on modifying their avatar? yes, we don't have very much options to modify the avatar, but it not means "we have no anyway to make it special ! Try the punky style or rocker style maybe? I'm pretty sure we can already make that
  20. why you ppl keep thinking about animals or furry...... think about some positive parts: we can finally try to cosplay as Ahri in game! ain't this awsome?
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