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  1. Damn this is a quite the surprise .....
  2. Took them 4 years to make it able for males to lay down in a damn bed I'm not going to say more .
  3. No they never cared to inform us of squat don't see why they would start now . and it was kind of a joke you know .
  4. What!? Pro never was never will be .
  5. Is it like a scheduled thing now XD
  6. So you assume much you must be that much of a genius 10/10 on brilliant association . It says all i need or would want to know about you .
  7. I did even when there was a RP channel mhm there was such a thing once a upon a working patch .
  8. Don't call upon the devil or it will start spamming rooms !
  9. Who forgot to give the monkey that runs the server is vodka bottle again ....LUX !
  10. Bug fixes ( restarted the server and slapped the tech )
  11. So let me get this straight this was a Fix .....don't hit the server with your fist it clearly doesnt fix it !
  12. This can't go on my stool is suffering from this greatly
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