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  1. No there isnt. The people you see with colored Caps are the people who saved an outfit back in the day when you could thanks to the DLL. For the life of me ah cant think why eets not an option yet.
  2. Tha person isnt even interested in Bulding in tha first place..Creative peeps are used to working things out, experimenting and learning bah trial and error. Tha Editor isnt that hard, only fo peeps with no patience, no interest and no desire to build. Xanar has a great tutorial, a bunch of vids. Besides if one really wants to build sumting they find a way and nothing will deter them. Those here to beat thar weazle and log off wilps they have short attention spans anyway and all thar IQ goes into a cleanex 3 times a day.
  3. Oh yeah Devs, eets so EASY, just put in a Slider and BOOM! dunn! BAAAAAAHAAAAAAAHAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Yeah dunn worry about ya big phat baby tumms clipping thru all tha clothes and ruining all da sex poses, clipping thru every player as ya waddle yaself out onto tha dance flo eevs. Itll never happen, get used to tha idea.....if they cant add flat feet fo tha flat shoes then getting your baby belly is like a Burger Addict making tha Olympics.....too funny..you peeps are hilarious
  4. BAAHAAHAAAAAHAAA dis thread is cringe AF. Tha very best builders in game you dont even hear of, they are busy building not entering dildo club Competitions. Dis event im not even interested in and tha builds are your usual looking ones but thats wot tha Devs like, so congratz. Ah once went to tha beach and saw a bunch of Seagullz all scrapping fo a chip, eet was funny to watch, and dis thread brought back that memory. Caw Caw Have funs
  5. AWESOME WORK! Ah love eet, keep up da fantastik building
  6. Baaahahahaha those prices are totally WaK! Wot might happen is those with mo money than sense will pay fo tha elite "status" of having a fancy name and tha majority who say hellz no will igg them. Just a guess. One time payment, or alot lot lot lot cheaper but at deez prices plus most of these names are hard to read mixed in with everyting else, dis feature will be minimally used bah peeps imo. Hoo wants to be a cow fo milking..not me holmeZ.
  7. Heres a radical new idea...fix the Bugs! LOL...im dreamin ah know.
  8. Im working on New turntables, Pioneer PLX 1000's.....should go nicely in tha new Club \o/
  9. Baaahahahaha looks exactly like Minecraft awesome jobbins
  10. The New Club is progressins nicely METROTEC an underground Techno Club...... still alot ta do but eets comin alongs \o/
  11. Lako Lako Lako Lako \o/ WooooooooooooooooooooHoooooooooooooooooooo Welcome to tha Builders Life.....Looking forward to seeing your projects.
  12. I have noticed Textures are Doubled up and Blurred at a particular rotation on the Y Axis. I have enclosed pics with the Y Axis rotation value shown. Its only at this Value do the Textures become this way. Please can this be looked at. Thankyou SNAP ANGLE SET AT 15 DEGREES DOUBLED TEXTURE ROTATION AT 44.9999 ON THE Y AXIS TEXTURE NORMAL ROTATED AT 59.9999 ON THE Y AXIS AND 29.9999 ON THE Y AXIS BELOW. OTHER TEXTURES AT 44.9999 ON THE Y AXIS
  13. New Club im working on SubTech.....an Underground Techno Club in a CyberPunk style. Coming along nyyycely \o/ WoooooHooo XD
  14. Ill be thar \o/ Also dunn fogets, fo snacks n sitch purchase delicious eats n drinks from tha Taco Skank across tha road.......bring ya tree fiddy.
  15. Yes ah hear ya ....at some point ah have ta stop myself and say enough is enough. Ofc we can go nuts with details and also have ta find a balance between deets and performance. But ah consider peeps who are of that mindset, artists and a bunch in this game fall into that category for me. Id say to you Jen, just create and do as much as ya can until ya flat on da floor havin a seizure
  16. Mah Home WIP ....been workin on dis fo over a Year, slowlee evolving \o/ Just sumting small.
  17. New things..sweet...peeps been waiting fo tails..awesomes.....BUT ah fear clip clip clip. Clipping in walls, clipping in chairs, clipping through peeps, clipping through clothes, clipping through beds, clipping through floors, clipping during sex....laa la la la la laaaa laaaa. Ah fear a half baked effort introducing these..Ah hope they do a professional job ah do ah do......New Features are always welcome and eet great too see tha hard work tha Devs obviously doing in order to bring us new content Also ive been hearing alot from guys who want more clothing so they can be stylish and not look like hobos and shipwrecked gilligans. Tha fellas need some love, hope they get eet. Im not a tail person but ah can imagine every 2nd person is gonna be swinging a fluffer around now so we all gonna need to increase our personal spaces ah tinks
  18. I dont think eets fair that there are people in game who pay tha same subs we all do and yet they are restricted with options tha rest of us have. My frand is unable to Register to tha Forums, she would like to participate in tha Community but cant. I would have thought after all this time Registrations would have been re enabled after some effort to fix the original issue that these restrictions were enacted for. Again i dont think eets fair people who pay tha same as we all do and yet are limited in how they can interact with in tha Community like tha rest of us are able to. How are they supposed to post their builds, have their say, promote their parties? etc. Time this was fixed thanx.
  19. Yes when are New Registrations going to be available in the Forum? A friend in game cant register to tha forum.
  20. Ive just started getting this message when trying to Load one of my Worlds!
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