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  1. Well I would like to approach it in another way.. The devs might want to introduce new living objects / items in our rooms like cats, dogs etc.... now in my imagination and to do that smoothly without any problems.. the game should limit the area of movement for that item like lets say the game will ask you to mark an area where that thing will be living / roaming and all .... also maybe introduce shelters and items to add in that area.. like a cat tree, cat scratch pads, cat bed, toys and so on to be placed inside that zone.... so randomly if you visit that area you will find the cat sometimes sleeping, sometimes playing, sometimes jumping and so on... in addition you can interact with the cat like pet the cat or play with it.... Now imagine the same exact thing for a baby / toddler in your room..... set a zone for your baby to live in... add items in that zone like a play area, bed / baby crib and you can interact with the baby.. carry him/her... play ..etc... So that way, you will roleplay pregnancy, then change your body type in the characters editor for sometime.. then add the baby / todler in your room... and to make it a bit more realistic.... adding the baby / todler can be disabled until you get creampied ^^ and also can be based on a 50/50 chance so it resembles real life in a better way I think it is hard to do since its an adult game.. but just one of the things that I wish it was there Areej..
  2. I agree... But it has to be done eventually? Maybe you have a different opinion? I think the game is great, but it needs some extra little touches to make it awesome.... thats my opinion... Axx
  3. and also i think all clothes should be adjusted with options if @Gizmo will work on it then it needs to be done once and for all: 1. allow jeans / pants to slide down to knee level in certain poses 2. allow jeans to be ripped at the crotch area (like the stockings) 3. allow panties to be set aside 4. allow bra to set aside 5. allow tops to either be raised or opened Axx
  4. This is an annoying bug in the teleport system that needs a serious fix! Allow the character to face the exact way the teleport zone is facing... when rotating one end of the teleport, on entry the character will be facing the same way he got in on the other end.. i believe the character should be facing in the same way the zone is facing cuz it is causing trouble and not everyone knows how to use it... Please Fix
  5. simple, no need to get frustrated... Add another useless cube and select both then save... after merging... delete the useless cube... see.. simple....
  6. Great! I am available at 10PM CET if it suites you so we can discuss this ^^ See you there! Ax
  7. thank you @Gizmoand @Lisa for this game.. I will add some ideas i think everyone one would love to see.. 1. The possibility to grab beer from someone's hand.... Ok let me explain.... We are in RP... and I want to offer a drink to someone sitting at the lounge while im at the bar...so I grab the beer (pay 30xgold) and walk over to him / her.. now logically... he/ she can click on the beer in my hand and also pay 30 xgolds and get a beer..... this option would be great for clubs and bars especially people RPing as bartenders and hosts and it also makes since. 2. A percentage from the beer sales.... Yes! I want my percentage! My club profits 3dx with beer sales and I should get 50% commission on that.. and also.. please add more beer options and more interactive drinks.... its way over due ^^ 3. Tattoo System needs adjustment, it would be more logic to set tattoo designs for each body part separately, Torso, Head, Neck, Back, Lower back, left arm, right arm, left hand, right hand, pelvis... and so on 4. Since we follow your discord, I have seen that a hand bag option is being developed... care to add a mobile phone to that? We have a "talking on the phone" pose without a phone actually makes us look like idiots XD 5. We need skin features to make us look different from each other... Blemishes, Moles, rashes, skin aging, skin damage, etc... 6. More group sex poses.. and the option to swap partner in MMF, FFM... in MMF the Female will be the anchor and the Males switch and in FFM the Male is the anchor and the Females switch I will add more as I remember ^^ Ax
  8. The only way to do it is to add the snow in areas where players are most likely to be hanging out.... like as you mentioned, the forest, if there is nothing there, it is useless to add snow there as it will be waste and it will cause the room to lag.... so i always suggest that you minimize the unseen / unused objects from the rooms.... Myself is a perfectionist and I love detail work but I cant do it here for limitation so I only add details where players will be able to see and the rest is just accessories.. Ax
  9. Hey @Puka, Im interested to collab... I have created a similar room... exact idea but with a beach front for the neighborhood.... I have used the home layout from a file called Neighborhood and i have created my own neighborhood from scratch with a detailed shop and bank and a beach cafe.... maybe we can build over my file to save you time and we can host this together if you like... We can schedule a meeting in game and we can go through it and if @Maxeccowould like to be a part of it, as i have been in his version of the neighborhood multiple times and i think the three of us have something in common.. Let me know
  10. This issue drove me crazy into the wall for months causing me to lose hours of unsaved work! But then i figured out how to get out of it... ALT + TAB to the game window then ALT + ENTER which makes your game windowed out of full screen.... The you can either save or just close the browser window... it saved me multiple time and I hope it saves you
  11. Well thats a great list tbh, but lets look at it realistically, Changing body type and height will effect the poses, I think you might have the cock in your forehead than in your mouth in a blowjob pose for example, and i dont think it is easy to make a pose for every height it would be an actual nightmare...but maybe if there is some kind of smart pose system that they can implement but imo it is difficult to do so... as for the rest of the things, yes! i believe adding the option to change the skin texture is very important, like add blemishes or skin damage, dry skin, aged skin, moles or maybe some worry lines on the forehead, underline the eyes like drunk or insomniacs and maybe wounded marks for our warriors out there! But what I would really like to see is them changing the tattoo system, They should do it the same way they did the accessories and jewellery, They should allow us to set tattoos for every body part alone which makes more sense. Ax
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