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  1. Сongratulations on winning the competition MinxieSuicide, as a gift she receives a magnificent Dick-sword Now I don't envy her enemies! hmmm, am I jealous?
  2. Hello everyone! This week was full of complex projects and construction work, I ran everywhere in an orange helmet and jumped on a stepladder. I was tired and began to plan the weekend in advance. I think I found a cool hotel, look at the photos. I'm wondering if you would like to relax in such a place? Tomorrow I'm going to hang out at the Red Line Bar, find me there and I'll give you a present from that hotel, one funny little thing, it can be a subject of pleasure or even a weapon ★RED LINE BAR★ THURSDAY - 02/17/22 (6pm EST) so, again - find me there and write me the password then ill give you some thing Password - "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"
  3. Hello dears) It was a great Friday night, Manka and I lay on the couch all evening and ate ice cream, we thought about which movie to watch and then we were advised "Fifty Shades of Grey" Now I want to know your opinion about the film, did you like it? Did you like Christian Gray penthouse? I found a lot of interesting photos and styles of those apartments)) let's see together I think this is a great work of designers and production designers. Expensive branded furniture from the coolest designers pleasantly surprised me. 7 years have passed, but even today the furnishings of those apartments look very luxurious. I will gladly try to create such apartments in our game. I am interested in your ideas and opinions, I will post the construction process and some interesting solutions that I have already come up with)
  4. Hello everyone, this is Lako. Some of you probably know me I remember the day when the developers added the World Editor. Then all the players tried to do something new and unique, we got a lot of new and interesting features. If you have been playing for less than 3 years, you probably don’t know that you used to build houses from tables HA HA HA :) it was a fun time and then I thought it was very difficult, so I didn’t build anything. I was happy with the appearance of the Editor, I opened it, looked, realized that I did not understand anything, I realized that this is a huge and interesting science that I will "play" from time to time. I wandered around the rooms a lot, met builders, learned how to create interesting and unique things. When I mastered the Editor, I realized that now I can realize almost anything, any even the most daring fantasies have become much closer and more accessible. I built small projects, helped my friends create something special for them. Sometimes my friends praised me and step by step I believed in my abilities more and more. Perhaps this is the stage when I want to start showing you my work, I want to know your opinion, your advice and wishes. Sometimes photos and videos with my projects, ideas and interesting ways will appear in this topic, which I hope you enjoy! Let's dream and create together! Thanks for your attention to my post.
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