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  1. love the totem and your "wood house". Looks just like my dream home in my mind!
  2. no people would rather masturbate then learn a new skill. And let's face it most people playing this game aren't the creative type. Log on, beat off, log out, cancel sub in 2 months. Thats your average 3dx player.
  3. Flightline is GO! All Dj's confirmed! Show starts @ 6pm EST/12amCET. 6 hrs of nonstop music and top tier LIVE mixing. All taking place in a realistic city nightclub environment. Don't miss our second show of 2022!!!
  4. Wow someone actually willing to pay for our time and the work involved in creating a decent room. So many just expect us to do it for free. I applaud your willingness to support quality builders here.
  5. Should be considered spam imo. Everyone who rolls in WC is doing so without any sort of context or reason. It's different if you are actually playing a game with some rules/objectives, I'm totally ok with that. But the random rolls for no reason except to see your name in WC that I see constantly is just adding clutter. It's basically saying "Hi, I desperately crave attention but have nothing interesting or worthwhile to say that would warrant it."
  6. The motor crew is ready for takeoff! Join us for this very special event at the one and only Motor Lounge Detroit. We have 6 hrs of pure underground dance music scheduled for you. All mixed 100% live by our stable of TOP dj's from around the globe!!! Enjoy exploring the neighborhood, or dancing with friends on our intimate dancefloor. Lots to discover and enjoy, we have something for everyone. Special guest DJ Lisanal will perform for us, You don't want to miss this one. All dj's are confirmed and locked in playing 90 minute sets, We will see you all there! 06:00pmEST/12:00amCET - Fabsi 07:30pmEST/01:30amCET - Alliehotass 09:00pmEST/03:00amCET - Danisound 10:30pmEST/04:30amCET - Lisal
  7. COMPRESSION IS ON yes that's right all dj's are confirmed! All times are as posted. Don't miss the show! Music all night mixed live. Dance till ya drop! SEE YA THERE!!!!!ГЄҜИЏ GФИЙД ЯЭҠ Ц 6pmEST - Kryys 7pmEST - Lisanal 8pmEST - Danisound 9:30pmEST - Alliehotass 11:00amEST - OOlisa Special afterhours Performance by a mystery guest dj
  8. send $200 USd to my paypal and ill have it in 2 months.
  9. It's not so useless after all then haha!! Good tip thanx I never thought of that.
  10. Are you pressing the save button in the bottom right of the window that opens? It should save a .avatar file to the location of your choice. Name the file something easy to remember. (your character name or something) You can then access these files and load them when you are in the character editor.
  11. There was talks of letting people design some new tats for the game. I saw something about a dev kit that was available for it. It was probly close to over a year ago at this point. I never heard much more about it. They might still be working on it. I think I saw it on the Discord server.
  12. They would have to make all new clothes, adjust ALL poses for a nearly infinite amount of variables. Not to mention all the bugs it would cause that would need squashing. It's a Cool idea but the amount of work required to pull this off makes it unrealistic. Be happy with what you have.
  13. An event for true lovers of electronic music. We will be spinning the best in underground dance music by some of the most technically proficient DJ's on the platform. Join us for 6 hrs of nonstop dancing and fun! We will be covering a spectrum of genres from Pure Techno to Deep House and EBM/Industrial. Hope you can join us, the party starts at 6pmEST-midniteCET on march 4th at Motor Lounge Detroit. DJ lineup and times are below, subject to change so keep an eye on the info as the next few days progress. Looking forward to seeing you there! 6pmEST - Kryys 7pmEST - Lisanal 8pmEST - Danisound 9:30pmEST - Alliehotass 11:00amEST - OOlisa Special afterhours Performance by a mystery guest dj
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