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  1. You think they will ever add more cumshots like on the ass or creampies?
  2. Ill be honest i know nothing of the industry, but even an explanation like what you just explained,,would have been helpful... Is that not allowed?
  3. when the game is back we should have a clear explanation for everything that has gone wrong, what exactly was done to fix it, where the attack (if it really is a DDOS attack) came from, who is responsible an how they have implemented safeguards as to how this will NEVER happen again. this is fundamental PR, and crisis communications (which is my field). This will prevent consumers from jumping to their own conclusions. An explanation update like "DDOS Again" and "game is back running" is not good enough. All of us left in the dark to speculate what is happening. Also to have the s
  4. annnnndd shut out from the game again....
  5. Are you fucking serious? lol, how?! like the third time in less than a month
  6. The game is stuck at the login screen after it was just working a couple of hours ago. What happening?
  7. ah. misunderstood. Thought the questions was about editing character appearance.
  8. Will we have to re install the game when it comes back?
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