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  1. I have recently resurrected this project and edited the initial post, since I have come up with a name for the mall now. In case anyone was wondering if the idea was stolen when seeing the map again hosted by someone else, ArtoriusMaxwell is my alt.
  2. Well, here are a few things I'd like to add in terms of RP tips: -As others have mentioned, there's a difference between what your character knows and what you know. If I were in a very large city room and was seated inside one building, I am not going to be able to see or hear events happening in another building across town. -Try to be clear in separating between actions, dialogue, and OOC comments. Most people use /me for actions and normal white text for dialogue. I've seen a few different formats used for OOC comments, most using some form of parenthesis, like so: (This is
  3. Welcome to Pleasure Peaks Mall! Pleasure Peaks Mall is an RP room that is focused around the idea of community involvement. Rather than make every single shop in the mall myself, I wanted to leave it more open to the community, giving people a chance to build their own shops. In keeping with the community aspect, there is a discord server for the room available here. The room will be open as often as possible on my alt (ArtoriusMaxwell) and much of the relevant information will be in his profile. Since I have started working again, I can't be at my computer all the time and Discord is the be
  4. So, this seems to have been more of an issue with the graphics card getting overheated, even though the temps weren't really out of the norm. Adjusting the fan controls to force them to run harder at lower loads seems to have kept it from crashing anymore.
  5. I've run into this issue, though the only time it's happened to me is if I had a hat on before loading an outfit that doesn't have a hat.
  6. I've not been on 3DXChat long and almost gave up on it with the issue I've been having. After a few days in the game, I started to notice certain rooms would lead to freezes, and eventual black screens and my monitor temporarily showing the "No Signal" message before recovering. Event Viewer shows that the faulting application is my Radeon Software, since apparently getting drivers without a software suite anymore seems impossible. I tried doing a full uninstall of my drivers with a fresh install, nothing changed. Some of what I had found seems to indicate that there could be certain settings
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