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  1. Would love to be able to use objects in the builder, It would cut so much time out of pose template placements.
  2. If I had my way we would have hundreds of new clothes.
  3. This and the colouring are the 2 main features I dearly miss from the dll.
  4. Ive been pondering this ever since the World Builder was released. Would love to have various sound box areas with that gradual effect as you approach and leave, like a waterfall that gets louder as you get closer to it.
  5. Its not really resizing the sphere that is the problem, its if you reshape it, the original dimensions of the widest points are retained. Trees work like this too if you reshape them, they have this invisible barrier. This is a pic from a sphere I made big enough to walk over, now there are points and areas on this where the character will be in the air a little and the bigger you make the sphere the greater that gap will be, but not the miles-away gap you will see if you reshape it. The way around this if youre after a half or full sphere look without the barriers is the quarter prim x 4 or 8 works well and allows you to reshape the sphere. Its a lot more work involved, especially if youre doing oblong as you have to round off and size each piece to fit with the others as you cant copy and flip any of the single pieces. If youre just after an even sloping ground into the water or landscape then the cone works well for that.
  6. I'll be sure to come and have a look.
  7. In my opinion, there would have to be a huge fundamental shift in the game design, philosophy and popularity for things like this to become a big issue. Call it what you like, be here for the reasons you are, but its impossible to escape that its just a cyber sex platform and most are here for that and that alone.
  8. Very much interested to see the feedback Ash. I visited Yannick's room yesterday and I liked it, though the design left me somewhat perplexed, but very nice and a nice feel to it. Although what im working on would of fitted with the theme asked of the comp, but sadly I didnt get the time to finish and enter it. Congrats to all the builders. 👍
  9. This looks awesome, I dont think the pics do it justice. I want to wander about this place youve made.
  10. Can you show what youre trying to do? There may be other ways. I say this because its highly unlikely that it will be addressed anytime soon.
  11. This has been an issue since the World Builder was released. No idea if it will ever be addressed, you can work around it by using other blocks for the effect youre after.
  12. Not that I use the water often, but when I do I always build around it at the default because of this issue. If trying to move your whole map up or down, there is a limit Ive found, not sure what it is but its there, a point where it cannot be moved no matter how long you wait. To get around this, you can use Step Snapping, set the value you wish, then move it in pieces, or in halves, depending on the layout of the map, its best to look down from above to do your grouping and try to draw your line through areas where theres not a lot of tightly grouped objects.
  13. The size is mostly made up from the amount of blocks used, its that simple. There are some things that can bring up the count unknowingly, like a worn mouse double clicking and lag when copying items so you end up with a lot of duplicate items, you can check this by going around clicking and moving a lot of random items then using the undo tool. Things like custom furinture when used a lot in a big room will start to add up quickly, so try and use the default furniture where possible on bigger places that have a lot of it. Just try and use less blocks for the desired outcome, the more you play around with the builder, the better you get at it, especially from a design point, because thats where you will save a lot, by a design that needs less blocks but still looks good.
  14. All I want is to be able to choose when I have them on or off, just like the dll we used to be able to use.
  15. If there is a limit, ive not hit it yet and takes a long time to scroll down my ignore list.
  16. While I dont know how to do it, there seems to be a way to sample colours as ive seen it far too often but not known how it happens. While im busy moving, merging making, there has been many times ive seen the picker change to the colour of the object selected and I keep thinking I realy should take note of what I did for that to happen, but then I forget about it and go back to my building.
  17. Way overdue in my opinion.
  18. Yeah, and this was released before the lighting tool, so it needed to have the light back then, but now theres no need as we can add it.
  19. JenC


    New room time! This is a somewhat random room I made, I wanted to do a dimly lit alley/street and pub for a while, but we didnt have the tools back when I originally thought about it. I scoured the net for some pics to get something in my head and found a an old 200 year old Scottish pub called the Canny Man's, and while i used this as my base, its not a reproduction in any way, just the style was used from the pictures I could find, same with the street I placed it in, it was from an industrial area in London in 1930. The pub is 3 story, with accommodation on the 2 floors, the bar on the ground floor with a small gambling den, toilets and a kitchen/dining area at the rear of the building, I have built it with 1930 back street pub as the overall theme as that seemed to fit with the pics I seen. Theres a warehouse opposite the pub and a small allyway beside that, both with various pose spots added. In the bedrooms, I made the beds the right height so the table pose template is added to them. Unlike my other builds, this pushes the limit, mainly with the lighting(theres a lot), I wanted to use it to full effect and it was showing real fast as I went along. I originally had all the rooms upstairs furnished and lit, but I closed most of them and theres about 5 rooms up there open now. This wont run well on low end computers sorry, I wanted to really capture a mood with this room and while its possible to do, the project would need to be a lot smaller. I may do something later for those that like the setting and lighting but dont have the computer to run it. I did turn down the settings to have a look, and while it did run ok on the notebook, it lost all the feel I wanted for the room and didnt look any good at all. I really like the room, it has a really nice feel if you like that setting, and while I didnt quite nail exactly what I was after, I did learn a lot from it so it will help me in my next project. I hope you enjoy it. Canny Man.zip
  20. This is an annoying problem with all the different games Ive RP'd in, Star Wars, Elder Scrolls ect. I dont think ive ever seen any devs tackle it, well not in any ive seen. I would love the two variations as you said, from your name to a possessive, that would allow so much more freedom in ways you start a line. "/me eyes widen and looks around the room" looks silly so you change it around to "/me looks around the room, her eyes widening" That example was easy to change and its not too bad but theres plenty that are not so easy and very annoying to try and get the same impact in another way.
  21. I like this suggestion and I also really wish it didnt have a light source and was just a prop. Quite a few times Ive wanted to use it but the orange light didnt suit what I was doing.
  22. A return of the solid timber textures we had for years then replaced with boarded textures for no reason. A return of the wavy cloth texture that was replaced with a crumpled cloth texture. A text tool with various fonts. A smooth clean flat/matt surface texture, we got one by accident last patch then it was removed. Would love it added. With liquor bars being so heavily featured across so very many room types, lots of props for them to get the room performance better, glasses, mugs, cups, lots of different bottles, kegs and many other items... Let us use our budget for important stuff in the rooms and have these props as incidentals as they should be.
  23. I just remembered, in another game I use to play, an MMO and they put in a protection on all the chat channels even priavte, that if you typed too many messages within a certain time frame, you would get muted for an hour. They done this because certain groups, like the DDOS people were Tab-spamming large messages at the same time and it was affecting the servers. They never revealed what the limits were as the spammers would then work around them and continue on doing it. It could be something like this has been implemented? It would explain the private rooms having the problem and that any messages in WC may have been just coincidental and had nothing to do with the bans as you cant quickly spam in there anyway. Just a thought.
  24. Even before this stuff, people have suggested a drop down or contextual menu for the room listings so far more details can be added and viewed, basically removing the need for the spam in the first place.
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