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  1. I think this is a great idea! Boobs in this game either look plastic or childlike. Where's the weight and gravity!
  2. Oh god I would love to be able to adjust my avi's voice. I actively refuse to moan as often as I can because of the cringe factor. Really low priority but I'm hopeful.
  3. Smoother animations with variations and dynamic customization, like grabbing my breasts or adjusting the way a blowjob is performed. Also MANY more casual animations like holding hands, sports animations (The workout ones are a step in the right direction). Lots more things to interact with, similar to Habbo hotel? Idk I never played that game but it had a lot of clickables if I remember.
  4. Oh my gosh yes, especially ones that cover the butt, concealed is sexy!
  5. Crazy good, you should reach out to CDPR and make their levels for them!
  6. Have you tried using a different browser temporarily to download the .exe?
  7. I understand the frustration but this is why Gizmo and Lisa don't bother communicating with us about upcoming content. Things don't go as planned or delays are needed but since they've mentioned a vague hopeful release window people are pissed off that it's not here. It's easier for everyone if the development team can work without strict deadlines, we should all be patient and put our energy elsewhere. So don't be a
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