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  1. Looking for a female RP partner interested in playing the role of a mistress or perhaps even a cuckquean. Open to a long-term scenario or shorter one-off-type scenarios. Prefer partners who are fluent in English and who enjoy story-driven RP (taking the time to develop a storyline) along with descriptive sex. Feel free to DM me here or on Discord: JBond#7440
  2. Thank you all for your help. It's frustating that the developers won't create a solution for this, considering there are likely many macOS users. I realize that this game is catered towards Windwos users, but we're paying customers too, so the lack of any attempt at support is interesting. Anyway, I just got Parallels to run the 64-bit update, but now I'm finding that the rooms are flashing around me, with random objects of the room disappearing and then reappearing quickly. It's disorienting because I can never get a sense of what a room is like due to the room changing so much a
  3. Is anyone else having trouble installing the new 3DX release (392, 64-bit) on their macOS? I'm using the latest version of PlayOnMac (4.3.4) and Wine 4.11. I'm running macOS Mojave. I can install it fine, but when I try to open it up, it just gets stuck on the "wine64-preloader." I've done multiple clean wipes and reinstalls with no luck. It boggles my mind that the developers refuse to provide a functioning .dmg version of this for macOS.
  4. I'm looking for female roleplay partners - can be a long-term RP or a new scenario each time. I prefer native/fluent English-speaking partners. I'm open to most scenarios with the exception of incest and ageplay. That being said, I'm open to any ideas you might have. If you're interested or would like to find out more, message me!
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