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  1. I seem to be having an issue with my Private room not loading, I'm obviously connected since I'm able to see other rooms, players and chat. Every time I go into a private room I there the following message: Process Error: Length of the data to encrypt is invalid I'm able to see other players off in the distance while I'm standing in the ocean, also my pictures are missing. the only places I'm able to access are the game basic rooms like the beach and clubs. I've de-installed and reinstalled the game several times, and installed under different drives and folders and I still have the same issue. Anyone got any clue what is happening here?
  2. I'm able to log in but I see no one else on, if i click profile I get booted out.
  3. Don't know if that would affect me since I installed the game on the new computer Sunday night. I sent support question through the game website, maybe they'll have a resolution to the issue. Is anyone else having this issue?
  4. Tried running and re installing as administrator. it looks like it's having issues loading what my character looks like to the server and using the default nude model on the server, on my side it all looks fine, but when someone in the game sees it, it's bald and naked.
  5. Alienware 17 with Intel i7, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1070, and 32GB of ram. I also noticed if I make any changes in the character editor they will take as long as I have the game open, but as soon as I log off and come back my character will revert to the previous state.
  6. Now to star off, my desktop fully died on me this afternoon, I had to install 3dx on my gaming laptop, this laptop is powerful enough to run games like Skyrim, Tera, and Warthunder at full tilt and not slow down. My issue is the following. Since I installed it on my laptop, 3dx has been having this issue, my character looks bald and naked to others but on my screen he looks fine, now I got no hacks or cracks installed, I have played with the settings, and have reinstalled twice both times completely deleting the game folder. Anyone might have any clue on what is going on?
  7. Just updated to the latest version of this game after a week of not being on...and I'm having issues connecting, it's a craps shoot, when I connect I get disconnected, finally after the 10th or 12th time I get a steady connection. is anyone else having this issue?
  8. Got the same issue here...maybe there is a major update coming.
  9. Wow...I seem to have gotten lots of great responses.
  10. OK...I'm the type of person that sometimes sits in the corner and reads profiles and checks out pictures...now that being said, I've noticed some Male members posting pictures of their "male member" in their gallery, now before we all jump on the what's wrong with that wagon, I want to say that you are free to post what ever you want in your profile, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, I mean plenty of women here post pics of their parts in their galleries too (love looking at those...lol). What I would like to know is the thoughts that crosses the female mind when they see this, does that matter to you? or do you just roll your eyes think "idiot" and move on? And what if the guy says hello and asks you if you like what you see? So please all of you lovely ladies of this community feel free to express your thoughts on that.
  11. I seem to be able to log on, and walk about my room, but as soon as I go anywhere else in the world I see no one, and the game disconnects, I open my profile and the game disconnects, this has been happening for the past couple of days. I've checked my firewall and antivirus settings and both are set for the game to communicate properly, I've de-installed the game, and erased the game from the registry, and done a fresh install of it, and the problem still persists. Can someone give me a hand?
  12. Cool...new server might mean a big update/updates in the works, I've been a member of 3Dx for a while now and as of late I've seen lots of new names, so we need more room in the game world, Maybe we'll be getting a new area to play in!!! Well...one can only hope.
  13. I'm unable to read profiles, when ever I click on a name to read his/her profile I'm either greeted by a blank window or no window this happens every so often and forces me to restart my game....any idea what's causing this?
  14. that would be cool...but then every guy here would be hung like horse...lol Height would be a good thing to introduce for guys, I know females used to have this option. Custom faces and ethnic sliders would be cool too, Id like to make my avatar look more like me.
  15. Either Grow Some Balls, & Thicks Skin...or Don't play the game

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