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  1. I would also like some kind of "highlight" on which position you will be taking in 3some poses. Right now it is a crap shoot on whether or not you will end up in the position you were trying to get into, or the other person (M in MMF or F in FFM) will end up in that position.
  2. Reality sucks, that's why most of us are here
  3. The system they have in Second Life has those options, there are reusable wipes that you can clean yourself with and later "wash" to reuse, you have showers that you can use to wash it off with and "SL water" will also wash it off. I don't want to say the stupid "it can't be that hard to....." since I don't know how to write code or create games, but really, how hard could it be?? SL is using, what, 12yr old tech, you're telling me a fairly recent version of Unity Engine can't handle this?? I actually wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't already a system/setup, for Unity Engine, that could do this and that could quickly be added into 3DX. And, think of this also, 3DX. You could make the wipes to clean it off and have a "laundromat" where you could use gold to wash the wipes for reuse!!
  4. There is a add-on system like this in second life (It's Not Mine (female), It's Not All Mine (male)). Cum stays until cleaned off and it builds up to a set max amount per area, none of this "cum on breasts makes cum on crotch disappear". They also have an "addiction" add-on that does things like not let you clean it off until you meet a "minimum amount" requirement, etc. I would like to at least see it not disappear when you zone and not have the "one area replaces another" system it does now. Past that, having a cleaning system like showers and the ability to "lick it off" would also be nice.
  5. You really expect them to be able to do something that second life has had for years? (except the last 2). I would love to see those things here and I can't see how it would be that difficult, maybe an additional body layer that doesn't update when you change zones? That appears to be how it is done in SL. They could also go with the RPG system, similar to the versions in SL, that allows the possibility of pregnancy and "carrying to term", though that should be optional, not required.
  6. People complain about what is going on not because they hate the game or the devs, but because they see how great the game could be with more effort. It is frustration. How many remember the voting site where people could make suggestions and other could vote on them. Some of those suggestions had hundreds of votes. But we still don't have those things. I don't even think that site exists any more. Easier to kill the site than make it look like they don't care what the community wants (which is the effect it had). They really should do their best to keep this game progressing. Other companies that might be interested in making a game like this now have an excellent blueprint of what works, what doesn't and what additional things people want. If you cruise along in the slow lane, eventually someone will pass you.
  7. How about being able to make an actual cat girl with cat tail and cat ears? Similar to my profile pic. We have cat ears now, that are not really that good (sorry devs). So maybe more catlike ears and a tail we could attach. Or, if required, a "cat tail" buttplug. Though that might need some coding so the tail showed up through clothes.
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