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  1. No Free-trials please. The idiots that make it past the pay-wall are already enough. I dont want to imagine the sheer amount of braindead pose-clicker people that start blasting colds while landing with their brand new Default "I love 3DXCHat" Avatar, because they got no idea that they deal with real people here!
  2. Gizmo now supports my "Wear casual clothes" campaign.
  3. Did someone pay your bills proably? This sounds like a case I heard not so long ago, where someone payed the subscription of their partner and both were banned for creditcard fraud.
  4. Not to mention the money they make with mining free currency with peoples PC by using ratcode. Sometimes I really wonder if the original game is mining coins too because the more ressources you throw at it the more it consumes
  5. Old Fart Ash! Wait I am here since '14 aswell
  6. Time to bring an old issue up again since they are working on stockings:
  7. I wouldnt call a stolen game competitor. People love free candy thats for sure. One of the reasons people run bot-networks or mine crypto currency with other peoples machines via applications that use rat-code. Just saying. Nothing is free on this world. Absolutely nothing.
  8. I wondered one thing... if the pirated copy is so much better, why people keep going back to the original game
  9. Overexhaggerated body proportions make clothes clip since dawn of time. If anyone wants to look like a wasp or a hot air balloon thats totally ok. Thoose dont wear clothes. No clothes no clip
  10. I like how the AFK faction of the game suddenly wakes up and enters this thread all polarized, throwing empty insults. Why dont you use this energy ingame aswell instead of sitting in the same stool for 3 weeks like a wax figure.
  11. If they do all that the idle timer wont affect them. No Problem for them
  12. Idling for weeks in a sexgame is pointless and a waste of space. Change my mind!
  13. Whats the point of not paying attention to a game you logged in for days or even weeks! It saves ressources as in load. Every avatar in game needs to be rendered. Just look around Sin Club. Theres like 5 people there non-stop. Blocking spots and space. For what? As I said every other game that offers online service has anti-idle. For a reason too...
  14. Hello, Its something that is bothering me for years now, and I am yet trying to figure out why people do it, or what the deeper purpose is behind this. This game needs an idle-kick timer like any other game with online services. Why do you need to idle AFK for weeks in a Sexgame? Are you mining xGold? No! You just wasting space and ressources. I think it should be possible and is probably needed to add an anti idle system to the game that kicks you out after a certain amount of inactivity. To me theres no point in staying logged in a game that you dont pay attention to, while doing other. I am not saying you should be booted after 5 minutes but I think a solid 1 or 2 hours idle kick would be gentle and ressource saving for everyone. Less zombie clutter ingame that doesent respond anyway. No?
  15. Really love the fact that people filled out non-official surverys and posted 1000 things they want in the game as their personal wish list. And now thoose people are mad that thoose werent added in the recent updates and claiming the developers were lying about the BIG update that was actually developing just in their lucid daydreams. They did exactly what they have announced, thus it wasnt exactly rolled out in the promised timeframe, but anything else you were expecting was just wishful thinking.
  16. Back then I tried to reason and argue with thoose... thats what they want. They need oil in their fire of retardness to keep it burning. Now if everyone just didnt argue or reason and simply press the ignore button were possible. Thoose would stop to exist. Maybe!
  17. We are all guys until we deliver solid proof. Now the definition of solid proof in 3DX. Its so dumb it hurts... hence the proof needs to stop. You dont believe it? Might as well f... off
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