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    the ladies, chatting ,having fun, enjoying meeting new peopleThe Highway Of Life.

    It's never been a smooth road,

    Slightly bumpy, slightly uneven and with unexpected curves.

    But there is the the fun,

    The adventure lies within.

    I stand back to admire her.

    She is beautiful.

    She captivates me.

    She is breath taking.

    I gently whisper to her, "I need you baby!"

    We set off for excitement and a new journey.

    I know which switches to touch to make her rumble and get her motor racing.

    She's sleek and sexy and will turn heads.

    Around each curve lies another place to explore.

    But when the going gets rough,

    she loves to take a pounding

    She always helps me get my load to it's destination.

    She's my best friend, my comfort, my partner in crime.

    She's my lady of the night .

    She's one of my two loves -

    My woman and my Rig.

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