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  1. i love it that Daddy sometimes cannot help Himself - and He mounts me like the Wolf He is - and i am the breeding bitch that belongs to Him. I hope you enjoyed this little series of photos - i certainly enjoyed the events that they depict!! Love and Light Lynn xxx
  2. But of course there is nothing i or my Daddy like more than when he grabs my hips in His big, strong hands, pushes my head to the floor and thrusts deeply into me, pounding me into a twitching ecstacy!!!
  3. We devour each other. Mmmmmmm. I am ripping my juices onto Daddy's tongue and face.
  4. Of course ,Daddy wants me to pleasure Him, and i am soooo pleased to be able to get down on my knees and give His beautiful manhood my attention. Of course, I also take the opportunity to spread my thighs and show my goodies to the room. I am such a slut at times!!
  5. As instructed, i removed my top and skirt and, with my panties already removed, here i am swaying my stuff for my Daddy. I love showing off for Him.
  6. Dear Readers As promised, photos of my trip with Daddy to the Swingset room. Here i am, being held closely by Daddy near to the centre of the room. This was after he had removed my panties hee hee.
  7. Also, last week, Daddy took me to a Swingset room, which was open in the evening (UK time). I hope this becomes a regular venue, because the room was lovely. It was early in the evening, so it wasn't particularly busy, but that meant that Daddy and i were the centre of the action!! He has taken some photos of the time we had - which was exciting and hot - and i'll tell you more when i can upload the photos. Suffice to say that he took great pleasure in showing me off to those there - we were in the centre of the room when he mounted me - soooo hot - and i had a wonderful time. I think you'll like the photos Love and Light Lynn xxx
  8. Hello Readers Well lots of good things have happened this last week, but i need to especially mention that i have served my punishment! Thanks to a good friend who respected Daddy's property and gave me a lovely time whilst acknowledging that i did not cum for him. But he came for me! Which is wonderful. I think he had a good time with me and he promised, next time, that i would cum hard. Mmmm. Sounds good to me. I won't say who he is, 'cos some may not understand that we could give each other a good time whilst i denied myself a climax. Trust me, he was good - but my punishment had to be served and i hope i did my Daddy proud. Love and Light Lynn xxx
  9. 8 Weeks Pregnant Still puking and peeing for England, but loving carrying Daddy's baby. And this week, not only are my tops a little tighter as my boobs have got a bit bigger, but my skirts and jeans are getting a little tighter too!! Goodness, this is really happening!!
  10. Hello Dear Readers I mentioned in a post above that I am currently being punished. Some of you may be wondering what that means and what i did to be in that position? Well, in a Dom/sub relationship there are often a set of rules that are agreed between the two that govern the behaviour of each partner. I agreed to my Master's rules that govern my behaviour, specifically in relation to my behaviour when playing in the game. These rules were negotiated between us and I readily agreed to them, so I knew what I was letting myself in for. I am not exclusive to my Master in the game, but if i chose to play with others there are certain things i must, or must not, do. One is NOT to play with other Doms. Another is that I should not play in public if my Master is not there. It was this last rule that I broke. I met a nice guy on the beach and we got chatting. I liked him and one thing led to another. We did not fuck, but I did let him eat me out and finger me. Unfortunately, i allowed this to happen on the beach - it was in a quiet corner and no one was watching, but it did break one of my Master's rules. When I thanked my Master later for letting me cum with another (another of my rules) he asked me for details and, of course, i told him the truth. I was very upset that i had disappointed my Master. My punishment? Well, my Master did not punish me with a spanking because, as he said at the time, i like being spanked too much!! He has punished me by insisting, when i next play with another in the game, that i do not cum. Not only is that a huge challenge - it makes it very difficult to be respectful and polite to my partner. I must take my punishment - my Master knows best - and i will. It won't be easy, nor should it be, a proper Dom/sub relationship has to be worked at - i need to learn and grow and it is all part of that. I learned a valuable lesson - when i am in the game alone, i am a representative of my Master, what i do or say reflects on Him. i am owned by Him and therefore i need to honour Him at all times, especially when he is not there. He allows me to choose to let others play with His property, i must behave properly as he wishes me to and as i agreed to do. I still have a lot to learn, but i trust my Master to guide me properly. Love and Light Lynn xxx
  11. 7 Weeks Pregnant Don't you just LOVE morning sickness? No, me neither! Nor having to go and pee every few minutes! Still my breasts are already a little bigger and they are SOOOO sensitive and tender. Daddy loves to suck on my extended nipples!! Still early days and, as you can see, I am not showing yet. Love and Light Lynn xxx
  12. I broke one of Daddy's rules and now i am being punished. I accept my punishment, I did wrong, I am sorry.
  13. Mmmm. Yes please Daddy. My breasts are getting bigger for you Daddy. Suck and nibble me, then send me to Heaven.
  14. Kitten wants to play too, Daddy!!
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