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  1. Nektar - thank you for your kind words. I'm sure this is not the end of the Diary. Best wishes Love and Light Lynn xxx
  2. A NEW ERA Hello Dear Readers Well, there's a saying that "All good things must come to an end" and, for me, the best experience I have had in 3dxchat has come to an end after just over a year, my relationship with PapaDom. I am sad, but I have no regrets and will always remember Him fondly. PapaDom is a wonderful Man and a wonderful, loving, caring Master. But we decided together that: He couldn't give me the freedoms within our relationship that I needed and still get HIs needs met and I couldn't live within the constraints that He needed me to and still get my needs met. This would never have been satisfactorily resolved, although we both tried our very hardest. So we agreed together that He would release me. We had wonderful, memorable times together and I shall always be grateful to Him. There is no bitterness or regret, only fondness and cherished memories. We move on and will stay friends. I can call upon Him if I need His support or advice and I know He will be there for me. I have learned a lot about my submission and I guess I may never be owned again, certainly not for a while, although it seems to be my destiny in the game! Well, I guess I am now a single Mum!! Love and Light to you all Lynn xxxx
  3. She's Here! Lucy arrived on 2 Sptember 2020. Mother and baby doing well!! (A very long, but rewarding role play with my fabulous Master - ty for being there for me). Wonderful that this game lets me get my shape back so quickly!! But for how long? Master has forbidden me to take birth control from now on. Yikes!! But for now... Love and Light Lynn xxxx
  4. 39 WEEKS PREGNANT A matter of days now, not weeks!! Wish me luck, everyone!
  5. 38 Weeks Pregnant As long as Daddy is there....
  6. 37 Weeks Pregnant Getting so close now - it could be any time!! Help!!
  7. Can I get any bigger? Can't believe how things have changed since week 20!
  8. 36 Weeks Pregnant This is getting tiring and I am waddling around like a penguin. Can't wait to meet our little girl and will be glad when this part is over! Love and Light Lynn xxx
  9. 35 Weeks Pregnant Just a few weeks left to go!
  10. 34 Weeks Pregnant After a lovely few sessions with my Master this week, I gave Him a little gift - He deserved it! I shaved off my pubic hair! It is not my taste, but I know how much my Master loves a hairless pussy and so I decided to give Him a treat!! He loved it, as I knew He would!! Now, I have to ask His permission if I want to grow it back. Hmmm, I wonder what He will say? He knows why I like my little neat bush, so I am sure He will be kind to me, but I shall keep it this way at least until the baby arrives. Then we shall see!! Love and Light Lynn xxx
  11. Reunited Yesterday I was reunited at long last with my Master. It has been such a long while - first there was the game crashing and closing down, then I was not very well. Then, of course, there is always the problem of timing! Still, yesterday we were back together and it was like we had never been apart. We met at our home and after a kiss and cuddle, we moved to our nursery, where my Lord helped me undress - I love it when He does that :) - and He caressed me all over as He hungrily sucked on my milky breasts. God, how that made me feel sooo sexy, with my Master feeding from me - it was mind blowing! When He continued to suck from me and started to finger my now-dripping pussy, I came in an explosion of spasms and shocks, my whole body was alive with electricity! I came hard on His fingers at least twice! He then removed my plug, which as you may know He makes me wear, leaving my little back passage gaping and ready for Him. He laid me down on the rug and lapped at my dripping pussy, before returning to my leaky breasts as I took Him in hand. He felt bigger and harder than ever - so ready for me!! He put me on all fours and took my little hole first - He is such an ass man - and had me finger myself until I was begging Him to let me cum. Eventually, after ramming me so hard that I was moving across the floor, He left my ass and entered my pussy. Oh my GOD!! I was on the verge of another explosion, but He commanded me to hold it until I was begging once more. He felt so good inside me at last. Finally, He let me cum and I exploded, gushing all over Him and spasming and twitching and writhing all over. My reward soon followed - He erupted into me, filling me until His cum was leaking from my saturated pussy and dribbling down my thighs. So good. I am such a needy girl for my Master!! We kissed and cuddled together on the floor until we both came back to Earth. Heaven! All too soon it was time to go, but it was so good to be back in His arms. Love and Light Lynn xxx
  12. 33 Weeks Pregnant Getting ready for the big day - my body is letting me know that there is not long to go now!
  13. 32 Weeks Pregnant I have been a bit poorly this week, so I have been missing my Daddy so so much. Hope to see you soon, my Master. Love and Light Lynn
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