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  1. There is only one, the one : Cyberpunk 2077
  2. Thank you @Animay for welcoming our Feline trio to Pussy riot. We can always feel the excitement in here ^^. Great party and great mood from everyone who was here this evening.
  3. Yeah, same here, can't read profiles since the last update, but its seems completely random. Sometimes i can see them. If someone knows what triggers it, i'm interested ^^
  4. Wise words LilLauraGER. Now we can all watch a movie, listen to music, and masturbate of course. Have a nice day all and see you when servers are back up With all the money that Gizmo get from subscriptions, he could hire someone for community management. Apply now ! lol
  5. Great room, cool tunes by Eyleen, a few drunk dancers on stage. Just below are some pics of the party at the Black Horse saloon, enjoy:
  6. Sylviex

    User Reviews

    After a whole month in the game, i have to admit it has been quite fun. The 3D sex animations are probably the best I’ve seen so far in a game. Meeting crazy people (you know who you are!), roleplaying, discovering some incredible rooms, enjoying music while chatting. I haven't tried the world editor yet, but this day will come soon (not the mansion probably..). About the cons, I only have one big for now: I noticed that the game is seriously lacking FFF poses, I hope that the developers are aware and working on that. On the technical side: - The sound cuts frequently (despite going back in settings, or starting the game again to fix it). Sometimes the radio from clothes editor stays on (with some ads from your country!! wtf) Some additions to the game I would like to see: - Sorting friends by alphabetical order, being able to create specific groups. It would be quite useful in my opinion (or maybe there is a mod or hidden option I didn't see) - Using gifs/pictures in private and group chat to create more interaction. For example, it could be a new way to talk to someone who doesn't speak your language, and most of all, the use of pics can make the talk easier and funnier. See you in game Sylvie
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