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  1. There is only one, the one : Cyberpunk 2077 😮
  2. Thank you @Animay for welcoming our Feline trio to Pussy riot. We can always feel the excitement in here ^^. Great party and great mood from everyone who was here this evening.
  3. Yeah, same here, can't read profiles since the last update, but its seems completely random. Sometimes i can see them. If someone knows what triggers it, i'm interested ^^
  4. Wise words LilLauraGER. Now we can all watch a movie, listen to music, and masturbate of course. Have a nice day all and see you when servers are back up With all the money that Gizmo get from subscriptions, he could hire someone for community management. Apply now ! lol
  5. Great room, cool tunes by Eyleen, a few drunk dancers on stage. Just below are some pics of the party at the Black Horse saloon, enjoy:
  6. Sylviex

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    After a whole month in the game, i have to admit it has been quite fun. The 3D sex animations are probably the best I’ve seen so far in a game. Meeting crazy people (you know who you are!), roleplaying, discovering some incredible rooms, enjoying music while chatting. I haven't tried the world editor yet, but this day will come soon (not the mansion probably..). About the cons, I only have one big for now: I noticed that the game is seriously lacking FFF poses, I hope that the developers are aware and working on that. On the technical side: - The sound cuts frequently (despite g
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