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  1. Now I know what makes 3DX so unstable recently: You grown-up women make the whole system overheat!! Where do you all hide in the game???
  2. To all the wiser women out there: You're still the hottest!!!
  3. Update: Oh my, finally I'm back into business!! I found my skin under the waterfall on Love Island:)
  4. Does anybody of you experience the same: After the last patchsome colours seem to be non-existent? I lost all my skin and parts of my clothing, too on my Avatar! Only the head is visible and the t-shirt...no jeans, shoes, np hair and yes: no dick, too! But the real drag is that I see the other players bugged, also: Colours seem to be reversed, mostly brighter colours don't seem to be displayed at all and other skin tones seem far to dark brown. There seem to be many clothes missing in my character Editor. I tried to reinstall the game with no imrovement! Any suggestions?
  5. Hello to you all, shurely you tried not only to change the formats but to reduce the size of the pics, too? I had the problem of only the wheel Spinning for ages but not Progress with the upload until I treid a smaller copy of the Picture!
  6. Yes, Shane, that's correct. Good luck with the Installation! Greetings from Tom.
  7. Thanks for your tips! It was possible to upload PNG only for a while, as Linda stated but now it changed again? I suggest to test both formats if you run into roblems with uploading. Goold luck for colourfuls pics:) Greetings from Tom.
  8. Hello again dani, try the following: -ninstall the crippled 3DX Version with the uninstaller -download the installer from the 3DX homepage and run as administrator: un-tick the chebox to automatically launch the game in the process -let the patcher update it to the last build -run the 3DX Chat application as Administrator from the game-folder It worked for me after some hustle! Good luck dani! Greetings from Tom.
  9. Hello dani, I experience the same thing here! I have to download the installer again now. I'll get back to you as soon as I found out more. Tom.
  10. Oh, it's so sad that you still have so much issues! Because I heard that many players start to leave the game because of just that! @Max: If the game loads but you can't see anyone in it (-nor your own profile data), it really sounds like some kind of connection problem to the game server. There are 2 sets of settings to check or to fix always: The ones in OS X and in Parallels, too! I stopped fiddling with Paralles at one Point because, even getting a playable Setting in the end, it crashed too often ): But I read a forum entry about a coming 64-Bit version of PlayOnMac!! There are already some test-files available on GitHub but taht will take some time until there will be an official version coming out, I think. The game is fully playable on a windows partition on a Mac, at least for me...I hope this can be an incentive??-No mouse or conttrol issues or Screen flickerings anymore. I'd offer a cocktail on the beach bar on the nightly Love Island, too...if that helps:) Good Luck! Tom. Specs: iMac i5, 3.1 GHz, 32GB (older machine) Win 8.1 Bluetooth Mouse
  11. Hello Qween, if you already have the desired picture stored on your computer, you can resize it or save it in another format. For example simply reduce it by 50% and save it as a PNG (which can be uploaded into your profile). I use the built-in graphics tool "Paint" in Windows for that. Good luck! Tom.
  12. Hello Freya, I think you're exactly right with your complains but men often don't show much taste when it comes to clothing, anyway:) I play tihs game for a while now so I'm not hooked on all those 18 year old fitness-bunnies anymore like in the beginning. It's about the players behind the screen and Avas and therefore a better chance for customization would be really nice. But the profiles make it all personal and interesting for me. I stick to jeans and a t-shirt mostly due to the lack of variety but often feel kind of under-dressed when going out into clubs and polished rooms. A bit sad indeed!
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