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Is anyone else having trouble installing the new 3DX release (392, 64-bit) on their macOS? I'm using the latest version of PlayOnMac (4.3.4) and Wine 4.11. I'm running macOS Mojave. I can install it fine, but when I try to open it up, it just gets stuck on the "wine64-preloader." I've done multiple clean wipes and reinstalls with no luck.


It boggles my mind that the developers refuse to provide a functioning .dmg version of this for macOS.

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Thank you all for your help. It's frustating that the developers won't create a solution for this, considering there are likely many macOS users. I realize that this game is catered towards Windwos users, but we're paying customers too, so the lack of any attempt at support is interesting.


Anyway, I just got Parallels to run the 64-bit update, but now I'm finding that the rooms are flashing around me, with random  objects of the room disappearing and then reappearing quickly. It's disorienting because I can never get a sense of what a room is like due to the room changing so much around me. I thought this was a lag that was related to the number of people in a room, but it happens when I'm alone in my World too. One thing I've noticed is that the flickering doesn't happen in the original room - is this related to Worlds that users create vs. the developers?


I then tried creating a Windows partition using Bootcamp to run this program, but then ran into the issue of not being able to change my camera view with a right-click. All of these difficulties are despite updating to the new 393 patch. 


Is there a graphics setting I should toggle/change to fix these issues? I have all the reflection/light/shadow settings turned off, and the Graphics setting is on "Low."

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https://www.parallels.comworks, but having issues with "Rotate" but will work with 64bit on a mac.


The issues are enormous, because playing without being able to rotate the camera by mouse is no fun. Plus rooms are "flickering" in Parallels. Another user told me, that also when installing a "real" Windows 10 with BootCamp this rotation problem still exists. So all the Mac players, who are paying the same monthly amount of money, have no possibility to play the 64bit game and because the devs are shutting down the 32bit game we are even not able to stay in the old version, because all of our friends are no longer there and it's like sitting in an empty desert.

Is this it?


So there is no way for Mac users to play the 64bit version, which will be in future the only version:

- Wine (PlayOnMac) can't handle 64bit games.

- Parallels Desktop: camera can't be rotated, rooms are flickering, unplayable

- BootCamp: camera can't be rotated


Dear devs, you have to change your FAQs. 3DXChat can no longer be played on a Mac. So future Mac users won't step in the trap and pay for something which can't be used.


And yes, I know that it "3DXChat is designed to run on Windows PC only", thank you Gizmo for treating Mac users like dull persons  I have been playing the game for almost a year and it has been fine. Now it's over. So I and all the other Mac users have to leave if you are not willing to look after a solution!

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I play 64 bit on a BootCamp partition and even the camera rotation works fine.



-PlayOnMac can't handle 64 bit applications until now, thatS true

-Parallels seems to work, too but the real problem ist the massive extra load for the computer and the machine overheats, espacially the graphic card.


You will have to fiddle around al lot with keyboard layouts and shortcuts and I know that the real problem on Apple laptops is the missing trackpad or mouse support for windiows of the hardware- that seems to be the reason why camera rotation is a problem.

But there are work-arounds for that, too.


Good luck, feel free to contact me if you need more help...although I'm not a real pro :)

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I play 64 bit on a BootCamp partition and even the camera rotation works fine.




Good luck, feel free to contact me if you need more help...although I'm not a real pro :)


Thank you Tom, that gives me hope! So I'll try it with BootCamp, keeping fingers crossed, that it will work. It's so awefull: Playing since month, established friendships, even be in love with someone ... and now I should never meet them again in the game? Would make me more than sad.

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The devs just screwed over people on Mac. The 32 bit worked, again not much consultation with the users who pay the money. So some of my friends will no longer be around, because whilst they can play on the old server, there is no one there. This is just a crappy way of dealing with customers. The devs really dont care. Whats a few irate clients? Customers are not their priority....there will be others who will take those lost souls place. When my sub is up, im out.

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Dear MAC users, 


Our game is created for Windows PC only. And we really do not have solutions, how to run it on MAC, sorry. We are a small team of independent developers and at the moment we do not have the opportunity to keep development on several platforms at once.


But if you find a way and share it, we will be grateful. Let's find a solution together.

I ask all MAC users to share experiences in this topic.



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Thank you Gizmo! It's really nearly depressive ... we Mac users played your game for months, some folks for years, we have friends in the game, loving partners ... and now we are sitting all alone at the empty beach 

I'm trying to get the 64bit version running via BootCamp, but have to wait for a delivery of a Windows 10 to install.

And although we all know, that 3DXChat is a Windows PC only game, we Mac users entered it and are paying for it, because in your FAQ everyone can read, that it is working also on Mac ;-) You have to admit that. Without that passage and that opportunity, given in the FAQ, no Mac user would ever have paid for access.

And because my account is paid until December I really want to get it working again, because staying at the 32bit version isn't an option ... because it's an empty, dead desert! 

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But if you find a way and share it, we will be grateful. Let's find a solution together.

I ask all MAC users to share experiences in this topic.



I was able to get the 64bit version running on Windows 10 under Parallels Desktop 13.
I have no problem with turning the camera by mouse, although the speed of the turning is too fast for my taste. Is there a possibility to somehow slowing it down?
Still, flickering in rooms is an issue!
When I'm in the character editor, there's no flickering, everything looks great.
Even in rooms that represent interiors, such as the Sin Club, it does not flicker.
Only when sky is visible, the view flickers, creating stripes and bars on the screen.
This is even worse when the avatar is moved.
Also, I have the impression that it is worse with darker skies, with lighter skies, it seems less flickering.
I have changed all graphics settings to the lowest setting, so there are at least no lags and the game is running smoothly.
Dear Gizmo, can you come up with a solution for this flickering problem? I do not give up hope! 
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Dear Gizmo ... and all the other Mac users!


What I can say is: Within general locations of the game like Sin Club, Love Island etc. I have less issues with the flickering or nearly none! But in User Worlds it's between "worse" and "horror". Above all very complex Worlds like Paradise Creek are unplayable because of the flickering. My own room had issues, so I reloaded the standard room. There I have some issues, but it's kinda okay.

Is this helping you? Is this giving you a hint where you maybe could develop a switch for Mac users to switch off a special (sky?) effect for stopping the flickering and glitching?

I also have to set the graphics very low, otherwise it's lagging and also my other apps are slowing down – although I have 32 Gig RAM and a 7-core processor.

Those are my current settings with which the game is playable on a Mac (with Parallels Desktop) - at least at the general locations like the Sin Club:



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Hello again to all you Mac users,


I just want to forward some experiences with playing this game on a Mac.

Of the virtual machine solutions you mentioned Aliviax, I only tried Parallels. But I bet that it can be said for all of them: Emulating a complete OS with all the high graphic loads and renderings is REALLY stressing the hardware, especially the graphic components in the shiny encapsuled bodies. My system started to flicker and later even crash when the GPU reached temps above 80 degrees. I don't know if it'S the skies that cause more stress or the water but foremost it seemed to be brightness in my case!


So my tip is for Parallels users:

-Run it in windowed mode ( not full Screen / Coherent??).

-Switch 3DX to windowed mode in a smaller size, too (in the game's settings) and

-generally try to reduce brighness: In rooms and the even general screen-brighness.


After a while my whole system tended to overheat and even winding the fans up with tools only delayed the problem (-when sunbathing on the beach)...


One thing that might be helpful for you:  In my case the first room starting to flicker to a un-playable extend was indeed the common beach!

Try to drag the 3DX window down until it is nearly not visible anymore when entering a room!! In many cases it loads without flickering, then :)

Pull the window up again after the room is fully loaded.




@SuzyShine: Your settings look really good, try to activate "windowed" and reduce the resolution (=window-size) a step and check for improvements, that depends on your screen size naturally...                      

                        Ah, one more tip for you: The super-fast mouse-control and camera movement was suddenly gone after updating / changing the mouse driver, check for the version and usability with your Windows build.



@ jbond, Sorry, I didn't read your sytem specs before answering you...


I don't own brand new Macs, too but sadly i never really got 3DX working stable on my old i5 MacBook Pro (was it 2.0 GHz??).

How much of graphic RAM does your machine offer? I bet the standard what was it? 235MB?- From my experience the bigger graphic card with 512 (?) MB is at least required, especially with the extra load when using Parallels?


On my i5 iMac 3.5 GHz 3DX runs fine and on my i7 2,5 GHz MacBook Pro, too now. Both on a secondary Windows Partition now.


Folks, i really hope that you can solve your problems...I always thought I was nearly the only one having them ):


Good luck!!


Greetings from Tom.

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First of all: I love it, that although we Mac users are a very, very tiny community within the 3DX family, we stay together!


Thank you so much Tom for your assistance! A lot of your hints really help. I know have the game windowed in a smaller resolution.


I can also state when using 3DXChat within Parallels Desktop, that you have to leave Coherence Mode, otherwise you won't be able to rotate the camera by mouse.


So I am lucky and I have a brand-new iMac with big balls  So I don't have much hardware issues and also no problems with overheating CPU.


The anti-flickering trick with dragging down the window worked for me with the common beach!


And I again can say that I have nearly no issues in the common rooms of the game like the Yacht or the Sin Club, I can play there perfectly.

But in user worlds it's mostly just horrible!

In the Character Editor there are also absolutely no issues with flickering!


Therefore to the developers, dear Gizmo: Why is that, that there is no flickering in a room like the Yacht with a lot of water and sky ... whereas user worlds are that much flickering that it's not playable for Mac users? There has to be a reason!

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User sylvianne was send it to me


same for me

playing 64 bit on a BootCamp partition under windows 10 with 16 Go of memory, on a mac pro 2012

using a basic wired mouse  (wifi mouse not working)

i can use parallels but some bugs on rotating camera

play on mac actually dont work with 64 bit app

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On 9/2/2019 at 11:09 AM, Gizmo said:

User sylvianne was send it to me

A lot of Mac users have the same issues:

- Parallels Desktop: (+) camera rotating with wireless mouse is working, but (–) flickering in user worlds.
- PlayOnMac: No way to get a 64bit app running
- Bootcamp: (+) no flickering in the rooms, but (–) camera can't be rotated with wireless mouse

What makes me wonder – therefore I am asking you again 😌 – why is there no flickering or graphical issues within the Sin, the Vortex or on the Yacht, within rooms like Love Island nearly no issues, at the official beach some issues but manageable, whereas user rooms are horrible or even not visitable? There must be something special which causes that flickering, because why isn't it flickering at the Yacht with a lot of sky and a lot of water with all the reflections? And if you could tell, what causes the flickering in those other rooms, you could make a switch in the options for Mac users? 😉

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I'm running 64-bit on Parallels. I want to know if anyone else is having the same problem as me. I can't view my profile or any other player's. I can't view my friends list and my money is zero.

I'm also getting the flickers and that stuff, but without friends I can't really play. This didn't happen with the 32-bit version.

Also, if you want to rotate the camera, press Ctrl+Shift and drag around.

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15 hours ago, maxblue said:

I'm running 64-bit on Parallels. I want to know if anyone else is having the same problem as me. I can't view my profile or any other player's. I can't view my friends list and my money is zero.

Hey Max, I can't confirm that for my system. I "only" – LOL! – have the flickering issues. Mouse is working without holding CTRL+SHIFT and my profile page and friend list seem to be totally normal.

But because user rooms are flickering that much I can only play in the official rooms like Sin or Love Island and that's a huge limitation.

No words from the dev ... although the money of Mac users is as good as the money of regular Windows users 😑

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Oh, it's so sad that you still have so much issues!

Because I heard that many players start to leave the game because of just that!

@Max: If the game loads but you can't see anyone in it (-nor your own profile data), it really sounds like some kind of connection problem to the game server.

There are 2 sets of settings to check or to fix always: The ones in OS X and in Parallels, too!


I stopped fiddling with Paralles at one Point because, even getting a playable Setting in the end, it crashed too often ):

But I read a forum entry about a coming 64-Bit version of PlayOnMac!!

There are already some test-files available on GitHub but taht will take some time until there will be an official version coming out, I think.

The game is fully playable on a windows partition on a Mac, at least for me...I hope this can be an incentive??-No mouse or conttrol issues or Screen flickerings anymore.

I'd offer a cocktail on the beach bar on the nightly Love Island, too...if that helps:)


Good Luck!





iMac i5, 3.1 GHz, 32GB (older machine)

Win 8.1

Bluetooth Mouse

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