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  1. Hello, Thanks for your message. Most likely, this is not the fault of the hosting company, but of those people who bought hosting services and used it for spam. In the current DDoS attack on us, many IP addresses of Amazon and Google Cloud are used.
  2. The server is stopped for a while.
  3. Build 418✅ New Hairstyles ✅ New Poses Changes: User room list update limit added (1 time per 10 seconds) Friends online status update limit added (1 time per 10 seconds) Bugfixes: buy slot
  4. Hey @DeAngelo I'm glad to see you here! You are the legend!
  5. Hey guys, Our main task now is server stability. We are working on a new server to fix lags and disconnects. I want to announce all the new features a bit later and I'm sure that you will like it! Best wishes, Gizmo 3DXChat team
  6. Hey Gabryiel, The game server is up and running well. Some connection issues on your side. Here is a solution https://3dxchat.com/support/#connect
  7. Build 417✅ New Hairstyles ✅ New Poses ✅ New mask colors Bugfixes: blurred textures, avatar image, upload images
  8. Builds 413, 414 and 415
  9. Gizmo

    DDoS Attack!

    Dear 3DXChat Community, The functioning of the game is restored. The servers are running normally again. Compensation of playing time and XGold can be obtained at: https://3dxchat.com/gift.html We are continuing to work on new updates. Upcoming: - Adding new hairstyles to the game for men and women. - Updating the server solution. More players, more features, less lag. Thank you for your support during this time! 3DXChat team
  10. Gizmo

    DDoS Attack!

    Dear 3DXChat Community, Since May 15, our servers have been suffering from a large DDoS attack. We performed a number of actions and were able to restore the forum and bring it back online and kept it stable, but the game server is still down. We have requested support from the datacenter engineers, but unfortunately it supplies limited support during the weekend. Our main goal is to launch the game server and return you to the game as soon as possible. The lost game time will be compensated back to you all, as well as all players will receive additional bonuses. Extra game time and XGold will be credited to your account when the game is back online. I will post updates in this thread when I receive them. Thank you for your support during this time! 3DXChat team
  11. Our servers are under DDoS attack. Please contact BMT Micro if you want a refund https://info.bmtmicro.com/PaymentsRefunds.html
  12. Gizmo


    Guys, the attack continues. The game server is down. We requested support from the data center engineers, but because of the weekend, we have not yet received a response.
  13. Gizmo


    Guys, we're still under attack. We managed to keep the forum stable, but the main game server is still unavailable. We have taken a number of protective steps and continue our work to bring you back into the game. This is our main goal. Thanks for your support!
  14. Gizmo


    Our forums under DDOS attack also
  15. Gizmo


    Guys, our server is under DDOS attack. All players will be credited with compensation and bonus days after we start the server.
  16. Gizmo

    Build 413

    Dear 3DXChat Community! Even at this very difficult times, we continue to work hard to improve 3DXChat project for you. We are pleased to announce that the new build 413 has already been released! Take care of yourself and loved ones. 3DXChat team Build 413 - What's new? ✅ 2 Hairstyles ✅ 11 Dances ✅ A lot of new Poses ✅ New Clothes
  17. Gizmo


    Hey guys, server has been fixed. Please try to relogin if you have any issues. Best regards, Gizmo
  18. Hey @Baphomet please contact support team https://3dxchat.com/support/#contact Best regards, Gizmo
  19. @YuukiChan Hi! Did you try to contact support? https://3dxchat.com/support/
  20. Build 410 Thanks to all great creators for the contribution!
  21. 50% off on all memberships Stay home and help fight the coronavirus! Since COVID-19 continues to impact us all, 3DXChat has decided to cut prices in half to give you the opportunity to be social and keep in touch with friends in a virtual, secure world. So enjoy, stay home, and stay safe 💗 Create a new account (subscription) Buy Game-Time code (one-time payment) Invite friends by your Referral link (you both will get bonuses) Please Note: The offer may end at any time. Get it now! Subscription orders will be billed at a discounted price, unless you cancel the subscription from the Members Area. Game-Time code is one-time payment, you can activate the code any time, you can gift it to friend, see here how to activate Game-Time code Stay home, stay safe and take care 3DXChat team
  22. Bonus time does not affect the billing date of your subscription. Cancel your active subscription if you do not want it to renew automatically.
  23. Hi guys, There are intruders in our game. And the system is trying to identify them. Suspicious accounts are temporarily blocked and checked. We act to protect players and our community. Best wishes, Gizmo
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