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  1. A new Lovense toy has been released! And it's fully compatible with 3DXChat! Meet Ridge, app-controlled vibrating and rotating anal beads Buy this toy and sync it with 3DXChat for even more fun!
  2. Only the new photos. Only newly uploaded photos will have improved quality. Old photos will remain unchanged.
  3. I warn everyone that any attempt to insult my team will be punished. I reserve the right to defend the entire 3DXChat team and take action against any account here. I ask everyone to respect the hard work of others. I appeal to all those who allow themselves to make insulting statements about the development team. No one is forcing you to play our game. You came here yourself, so be polite or leave.
  4. 3DXChat 3.0 is here! Greetings, dedicated 3DXChat community members! We are pleased to announce the highly anticipated 3DXChat 3.0! This latest version is now ready for you to explore and all it takes is a quick update to your game client to access its exciting features. Don't have an active membership? No worries! You can easily become part of our vibrant community. Just follow this link to join and unlock the full potential of 3DXChat: Join 3DXChat Now What's new? Next, we're excited to unveil a comprehensive list of the incredible features and engaging content that await you in this latest release. Game Engine Update 3DXChat has completed the transition from Unity 2018 to Unity 2021. Open your own store You will receive 90% XGold from the sales of items in your location below: You can build a store or simply place items anywhere in your location, such as on a counter, on a table in a bar, or next to a lounge chair. Grateful patrons can support your business by buying drinks and food. And many of the items also have fun special effects. Vapes, for example, can emit multicolored vapor and create a smoke screen. You can restrict smoking in your location by not placing items for smoking. Goods don't move between locations, so you won't have a player coming to you with a cigarette. All new props can be tested in this location: food.world 3DX2Chat_111D3TjZJn-output (online-video-cutter.com).mp4 3DXChat_111D3TjZJn-output (online-video-cutter.com).mp4 3DXChat_D3TjZJn-output (online-video-cutter.com).mp4 3DX2Chat_111D341TjZJn-output (online-video-cutter.com).mp4 3DXChat_DTPCCTjZJn.mp4 3DXChat_ITXeKYfQP0.mp4 3DXChat_IzixHO5EdO.mp4 3DXChat_Q04gZXlwFN.mp4 Transferring XGold between users You can transfer XGold to your friend or another player as a gift or as payment for a service. Note that the transfer cannot be canceled or refunded through customer support, so beware of scammers. Capture your parties on video like a pro A new additional camera mode for capturing video (hotkey F8). You can shoot smooth, shakeless fly-throughs or set the camera to behave like a quadcopter. Also added a standard camera control to the keyboard arrow keys. Clothes Remastering old clothes + material system: New clothes: New clothing materials New Tattoos + hand-drawn tattoos New Materials for World Editor Poses and Animations (coming in the next patch) We're very excited to announce a series of exciting new sexual poses that we've meticulously prepared just for you. These animations are currently in the final stages of closed testing to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. Rest assured, as soon as the testing is complete, you'll be able to enjoy these animations on our main server during the official release. Stay tuned for the ultimate immersive experience! Improved quality of profile pictures Added support for new photo formats: tga, gif (not animated), heic, webp (old ones were only png and jpg) Comparison of photo quality: Added an object counter in the World editor Added content: T-Shirt 1 remastered to the new material system with 29 styles Socks with 10 styles 2 Sneakers with 128 and 117 styles Skirt with 4 styles Thank you for your enthusiasm and support We would like to thank you for your unwavering excitement and continued support. It's your enthusiasm that drives us forward, and we truly appreciate each and every one of you. Your dedication is what makes our community the best, and we hold a special place in our hearts for all of you. Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey together through the magical world of 3DXChat! And don't forget, if you don't currently have an active subscription, you can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of 3DXChat by joining here. Best regards, 3DXChat team
  5. Hi! We use Cloudflare. You can check the current maintenance of specific areas here. There is also a list of scheduled maintenance and past incidents. https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/
  6. Ok, I understand that you want to show off your rooms that you have been working on for a long time, but you are afraid that they will be used without your knowledge or even a link to your authorship. I think the best thing you can do to protect your room is to only post a photo or video of your room, not a file. A password won't help. Keeping the file to yourself only is a very good defense of your room. Again, if you want to show off your room, just post a photo and a video. Don't forget to put a big watermark with your name on it. You can also open the room for guests to come in and view your masterpiece. But never post your file.
  7. I understand that some builders spend a lot of time building their rooms and want to keep the editing exclusive. And these builders need a password feature to protect their rooms. And if they get the password option, they will use it most of the time. I'm convinced of that. And here's a very important point for most players. Most players are not professional builders, and they enjoy downloading a ready made room and customizing it to their liking. If builders have password protection, it will lead to more and more rooms being locked from editing. After all, many builders want to keep their rooms exclusive. That's why I'm convinced that the password feature that some people here are asking for will eventually lead to even greater restrictions on the creativity of a large part of the players. So, dear builders (those who ask for a password), I would like to ask you a question: why are you afraid to share your room freely?
  8. @Torax I understand your interest in disabling the ability to edit rooms It's not about whether or not the player is aware of the ability to edit rooms.
  9. I see what you mean. You want to give a room to other players, but you want them to be able to open the room for visitors only. And they can't make any changes to the room in the editor. I understand you well, and there's something important here. Let me explain. Preventing the free editing of rooms takes away the ability for players to be creative and edit the room however they want. For example, they might want to add something, remove something, change the color, and so on. And that ability is taken away from them. How will they feel? What do you think about that?
  10. As I said, the public rooms are encrypted. So theft is impossible, and there is no need to create a forum for complaints (which can lead to additional drama). And once the room creator has given the room file to someone else, the room can be considered available to everyone. There is no guarantee that another player won't give the room file to someone else.
  11. It would be nice to understand why you need a password so badly? If you need it so badly, you can use password-protected ZIP archives as an alternative, for example. Can you think of situations where password-protected room files would be useful? And what are the main differences to using a password-protected ZIP archive? Because I don't understand the need for a password on the room files. Thank you very much!
  12. I totally understand what you're saying. Spending many months and years working on a unique project and then finding that it is being used without your permission is not a pleasant feeling. I know what I'm talking about because it happened to our project. The idea is that you should not share the room file if you fear it will be leaked. Even if you theoretically put a password on the file, if you share the password, you can assume that your room is already public. I don't see how a password would help you protect the room.
  13. The custom room file format is designed to be easily shared with the community. This means that any player can make any changes they want to the downloaded room file. At the request of players, we have added an extra layer of protection (encryption) for those rooms that are public, but the host does not want to share the room file. I don't think we're going to invent another layer of protection for room files that players want to share, because that would go against the design. Room files were originally designed to be shared openly and freely between players. In this way, any member of the community can share their creations with everyone. The whole community benefits.
  14. Patch 454 for 3DXChat 3.0 Beta Bug fixes: Fixed 2 bugs related to getting stuck on the character loading screen
  15. The game has actually featured user room encryption for a significant duration. This means that as long as you refrain from sharing your room file with anyone, it remains completely secure from theft. Unlike in the past, where visitors could easily duplicate a room due to the lack of encryption, this is no longer possible. Your rooms are now shielded from unauthorized copying, enhancing their protection.
  16. Patch 453 for 3DXChat 3.0 Beta Changes: Food and drink prices have been changed Bug fixes: A bug with new glass materials Characters appeared above the floor at the start of the location
  17. Dear HotKitty, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to participate in the interview and for generously sharing your thoughts with our wonderful community. Your insights were truly inspiring and your candor was deeply appreciated. Reading your interview was not only enjoyable, but also touching, and I'm sure many others felt the same way. Your courage to open up about your experiences is commendable, and we are truly happy to know that 3DXChat and the World Editor have become a source of relaxation and stress relief in your life. It's stories like yours that remind us why we are so passionate about this project and its impact on our community. Special thanks to Varz for orchestrating this enlightening interview and for championing the fantastic initiative behind it. This effort allows us all to peel back the layers and discover the real people behind the avatars. For us as developers, it's invaluable to understand the emotions and aspirations of our players so that we can create an even better experience. This initiative is also a wonderful opportunity for players to connect on a deeper level and learn more about each other. Once again, HotKitty, thank you for being an integral part of our community and for enriching it with your presence. Your words and experiences resonate deeply, and we look forward to continuing to provide you and everyone else with a platform that brings joy, relaxation, and meaningful connections. Warm regards, Gizmo & 3DXChat team
  18. Patch 452 for 3DXChat 3.0 Beta Added content: T-Shirt 1 remastered to the new material system with 29 styles Socks with 10 styles 2 Sneakers with 128 and 117 styles Skirt with 4 styles Bug fixes: Grip on items was not applied when entering a location Socks were moved to a separate category and are compatible with all pants and boots Collider fix on materials Restored VR in experimental mode (press F1 in login screen to enter VR mode)
  19. Patch 451 for 3DXChat 3.0 Beta Added content: New skirt New version of Japanese tattoo without flowers Added an object counter in the World editor Bug fixes: Empty Rack category in the World editor (WE) Material Lace collision removed in the WE FFF and MFF pool animation fixes Dress and underwear compatibility fixes Bug with physical earrings on the character selection screen Bug with physic earrings in the character editor Shoes in the character selection screen left under the ground When invited to "My place" items are not displayed in each other's hands Buying nicknames on beta is 2 times more expensive Memory leak bug that caused a crash in the WE New bug (Unity 2021) that caused WE to crash when loading large locations
  20. Since @ColinDude has informed us that he is no longer able to maintain this website we are continuing to maintain it on our own for the 3DX community. Thanks Colin for this service! The website address has changed to https://status.3dxchat.net/ Pages have been removed: Saloon music player, Picture share, Avatar Age Guesser
  21. Patch 450 for 3DXChat 3.0 Beta - New Tattoo - New clothing materials - New materials in world editor - Bug fixes: Smoke and bubbles - Improved quality of profile pictures - Added support for new photo formats: tga, gif (not animated), heic, webp (old ones were only png and jpg) Comparison of photo quality:
  22. Dear Players! Emergency network maintenance will be performed in our data center during the following time frame: Game USA entry point: May 31 9:00 - 10:00 am (UTC). Several minor interruptions are expected as well as possible short service unavailability. The maintenance is necessary to make our service better for you. Thank you for understanding! 3DXChat Team Join our discord to stay informed
  23. Patch for 3DXChat 3.0 Beta - New tattoo - New materials in the worlds editor - Character loading optimization - Bug fixes: earring physics, character positioning at the start of the location Test world download: beta2.world Known issues: Missing smoke and bubbles from the mouth
  24. Hello everyone! After months of hard work, we're thrilled to share the latest updates on our game with you in this blog post. The most exciting news is that we've launched a beta server for testing the 3DXChat 3.0 Beta before implementing any changes to the main version. If you can't wait to try out the updated client, you can access it now by following this link: Join 3DXChat 3.0 Beta. Let's dive into the details: Improved Stability We've prioritized enhancing the game's stability based on player feedback. To achieve this, we've taken a two-stage approach: Stage 1 - Upgraded the game engine to Unity 2021 latest version. Stage 2 - Addressed bugs in the game code. Game Engine Update 3DXChat has successfully completed the first stage of porting the game to the new Unity 2021 engine, replacing the old 2018 version, and we are currently in the second stage of fixing bugs. This update grants us access to a wealth of technical improvements implemented by the engine development team. You can find a more comprehensive list of changes on the official Unity website. It's important to note that most of the significant changes have been made behind the scenes and may not be immediately visible to players. Nevertheless, we believe it's crucial to deliver the game using the latest technology. We chose Unity 2021 as it's the version recommended by Unity itself for stability and suitability in ongoing projects. The newer versions, such as Unity 2022 and above, are currently considered unstable and recommended for research purposes only. With the new engine in place, we'll be able to utilize all the features it offers. This upgrade brings numerous bug fixes and engine optimizations, resulting in a more stable client for players to enjoy while we continue addressing remaining issues. Our upcoming plans involve further improving stability by continuing the bug fixing phase, alongside developing new content such as clothing and animations. During the engine porting process, some systems encountered issues. However, we're happy to report that we've fixed them all, and in some cases, completely redesigned them. For instance, we revamped the beer drinking system, enhancing it by adding new types of drinks and food. As you consume these items, you'll notice the liquid level in the bottle dropping and bits of food disappearing from your plate. We've also introduced the ability to throw the bottle out of your character's hand, adding more realism to the experience. But our efforts didn't stop at the engine upgrade. We've also included several new features and content for you to enjoy. Open Your Own Shop You now have the option to build your own store or place items anywhere in your location for other players to purchase. When items sell in your store, you'll receive 90% of the XGold earned. Grateful visitors can support your business by buying food and drink. Moreover, many of these items come with fun special effects. For example, vapes can emit colorful vapor, creating a smoke screen. Share XGold Between Users You can now gift XGold to other players or use it as payment for services. These features expand the game mechanics and offer fantastic role-playing opportunities. Record Your Parties Like a Pro We've added an optional camera mode for video recording (accessible via the F8 hotkey). This mode enables you to capture smooth, seamless fly-throughs or set the camera to behave like a quadcopter. Additionally, you can now control the default camera using the arrow keys on your keyboard. New Content We also have new in-game content for you, including: Food and drinks objects for World Editor Clothes (remastering old clothes + material system and brand new items) Tattoos (6 new hand-drawn tattoos) Sexual Positions (Not available in the beta client! Because they are in closed testing. You will get them in the release on the main server after the beta ends) Join 3DXChat 3.0 Beta Connect with the 3DX community on Twitter and Discord for the latest updates and to engage with fellow players.
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