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  1. In advance but show your colours Poster by @EvaMarie
  2. it should be ok. You have no reason to delete anything. One thing you can do is round the value with this My room is around the size of yours and it does not cause problem
  3. Of course sex rooms are shocking in a sex game... rofl
  4. or come back to the old system.... First open bottom, newly open top...
  5. they create multi accounts.... and alts to fill their empty rooms and stop the ability to leave a room open without being online. The list has become a mess since this feature. Pay per open is the best solution
  6. try to have them in the air it is easier
  7. it is in two parts. look closely
  8. When I don't want to be disturbed ... I run two 3dx... I get a disconnection and build offline...
  9. More likely a problem with brandwidth. You should try again
  10. Same account? Have you allowed the access to your discord account?
  11. Try the self test https://3dxchat-status.com/selftest and be sure that no problem with your firewall and antivirus. Depending on your location, you may need a vpn
  12. Ask support to reset your account. You ll have the default room back.
  13. Go to discord and ask @Eva_Support @Ashbash can you reset your avi name please it is quickly done Have fun
  14. It looks like the Steam error try one of the following Restart the PC. ... Remove Drive Write Protection. ... Disable the Read-Only Setting. ... Verify Game Files Integrity. ... Clear the Cache Files. ... Relocate Steam. ... Disable Your Antivirus.
  15. Useless feature
  16. Well as it does not work when a female invite a female or randomly, we can say that the slowdance is broken
  17. Same computer? then same cache
  18. Nym — Today at 10:14 @everyone Hi the Modz Site is currently down but should be back up and running by the weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  19. you can try to recreate... it may have kept fl (depends on when you have deleted it) Ask discord: Evasupport
  20. Try to delete the game from your computer and intall it again
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