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  1. A good idea, thank you
  2. I have found back an old office 2007. it works fine and it's brilliant Very good work
  3. thank you, could you add picture of the toy. I hate to have to google for it
  4. Are ok: Osci2 - Nora - Max 2 - Lush3 - Hush - Edge - Domi - Diamo - Ambi - Two others don't work Sorry for the file can you add the pic
  5. All is matter of angle with bottle glass.
  6. Stairs have been broken since the last patch... Portal : u place the first part where you want, the second where you want to go.
  7. half of the toys can't be saved....reason why the room is lost These ones work lol.world
  8. it is impossible to save with the ferri I will check the hyphy
  9. It's like Excel... save as often as possible for you never know when it gonna crash
  10. It occurs with a single object after a certain time in the editor. Is the infamous memory leak back?
  11. you must first add the colour to your favourite ... then apply it. It has been this for a long time.
  12. @Gizmo Any information about a release?
  13. Server is glitchy...it has been for a long time now. There is more and more people complaining about it. Maybe time for Gizmo to look at it
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