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  1. What blows my mind is that I did have emotions like a real life feeling for there people it’s crazy cuz of course I have had these in real life but to have them in a game is just wild !
  2. So what does the gold coins do ? Can I buy more clothes ?
  3. I can not wait for this!!!!!!! I will definitely be dancing my heart out for you baby
  4. So where do I start lol. Um I think I may have took things a little fast with this guy and well to make it short and sweet I had to block him. Let’s just say by the end of the night I was calling my self a cow and much more 😂. I think when I get on today I am going to try and find that special someone and get that real intimate feels lol. But definitely enjoying every minute.
  5. ok so i just installed the game but the log in page comes up but i cant see my mouce!?
  6. I found this pic and I want to use for my profile but it is to big how do I find one that is not to big
  7. Thank you I can’t wait to get off work and play. I hope I get to work out some fantasy’s ❤️
  8. Hey ❄️ I am new and I am a sub irl so message me
  9. Here goes nothing lol 🥳. I hope it’s not a scam tbh
  10. So I am new here and I was in the main page for 3dx and it does not let me make an account first it goes right to the payment so I am lost. Like if I pay first then I can make the account ?
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