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  1. Yeah just some kid like to have fun with report button for nothing i hope one day the button report go explode on their face for see how is fun to make that.
  2. This would also allow people to avoid being unfairly banned, by putting this kind of channel in place specially dedicated to room advertising and then it would be good for everyone's visibility.
  3. I have nothing against room sex, but in terms of innovation and renewal it's always the same thing, then we will not lie to each other for having set foot there several times, there are more people who goes dancing in this kind of room than doing sex, yet with the arrival of the editor I think it will become better and more innovative but I still don't find it, it's my personnal think with actual sex room, I simply find that the rooms with a nice build , innovation, music and dj are more deserving in terms of visibility since it's been four years that I am on 3dx, For the moment it is the only place where I am surprised every time I go there, and we don't necessary to have that for have good private times, just need speak and make a good contact sometimes is work too
  4. Hello ! Here is a simple idea but which could be useful, it is to add a chat window but only to reserve to advertise for parties that take place on 3dxchat, with a response time limit as in the World Editor to avoid any abuse of Spam like for example 15 minutes before being able to make a new advertisement, when I speak of advertisements for parties I speak only of real part, with music, dance and DJ, no sex room where people spend more their time sleeping or laying on a sofa than having sex, because we already know that on 3dxchat as soon as there is the words sex in a room name everyone goes directly That it's my Proposition for 3DX dev team. @Gizmo @Lisa
  5. And the second advertisement that we do is by opening our own house as a friend with the name of the room where we are currently, but i really think 3dxchat, need to open a new tchat like the world tchat, but for publicities for party with a limit timer before writing again, and only for party with music not sex room because we already know with sex on this games it's directly work, but it's more nap than sex
  6. Yeah that it's true, 3dxchat make nothing change for change this games, and we see people banned like that, it's more a confirmation about this games problem, sometimes i ask me why we give money to this games, if it was free I would complain maybe a little less personally I'm going to start my observation of the world chat and the first drama or bullshit I hear I'll report, since some people have a lot of fun doing that on people who haven't done anything.
  7. Really disappointed to see this happening again, are there any jealous of your success somewhere, better come forward instead of hiding behind their postponement, for no reason, the ostrich policy hits one more blow. Now, as soon as I see a drama in the world chat, I will report directly no matter what it will be like a drama, since some people have fun doing it, I will also have fun, at least those who will be blocked for certain days you will be the one who did that! and i invited all people make that for a true reason this times.
  8. Just restart your game Gizmo have say that in world tchat in 3dx.
  9. Just restart your game and normaly now is fixed, for me all is good now
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