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  1. Music is Freedom! The Serenade Club move to its new location inside the Airport. A lot has been done there so you should really check it out. 4 of our resident DJs as well as the new Serenade Dancers will entertain you. See you tonight \o/
  2. Grand opening of our new club location: 4 DJs - 4 styles - 4 fun… featuring the fabulous Sirens & Sailors.
  3. This is pure nostalgia: Tonight the NEW BASEMENT will open for the last time in this form. From next week we have a brand new location. So celebrate with us in our time-honored basement - after 3 years the room has earned its retirement.


  4. The U60311 was one of the most know club locations in Germany and also around the world… if you love Techno you should not miss it tonight - the room was build by LostMelody and opens the second time so far in 3dxChat. 5 awesome DJs will mix some hot tunes for you. we cu later
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