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  1. @RobPathfinder It mainly happens in my own room (thanks @Aliviax ).....it is very detailed and usually okay until it gets populated. The last time it did it, there were 30+ in the room and obviously I ended up kicking them all out when I crashed/froze up. Only Alivia would know as she built the room so I can't answer the question. One thing that came to light last night which I have resolved also now is that I was running a customised BIOS with a version number unlike the ones on the MSI website. I don't normally buy prebuilts but have the latest non-Beta BIOS flashed on now too, wi
  2. @RobPathfinder It seemed okay for a bit but then when I opened my room it happened again. But you are right about the people, nice to see! Hoping this BIOS Setting will be the end of it all......testing tonight (fingers crossed)
  3. @Gizmo Yes it's MSI Z390 Tomahawk......I hope this nails it and thanks for the advice. I will post back with any news.
  4. Shortlived.......it still happens. One of the most annoying things ever....really. It usually happens when I open my room.
  5. @Aliviax Following on from the ingame chat we had; solid as a rock now on Maximum Settings. Thanks so much for the help! 😘 I hope this post can help others with the same or similar issues.
  6. Will do hun, thanks for the tip......I'll do it later today
  7. Thanks for your reply Alivia Yes, I use ccleaner, but never thought to disable my AV/FW during install......didn't think it would make that much of a difference but I will try it.
  8. I am running latest Nvidia drivers and the 2080ti for the game. My m/board is the MSI Z390 Tomahawk, which I probably should have mentioned.
  9. The game periodically (and completely randomly) can 'freeze' my PC. I will list the spec below: CPU: Intel I9 9900K (watercooled, not OC'd) GPU: MSI RTX 2080ti 11GB Ventus SSD: Samsung 970 EVO Plus V-NAND M.2 500GB SSD (Windows 10, 3dx installed) RAM: 32GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz As you can see, this is massively overkill for a game like 3dx (I play other games eg. Modern Warfare, Destiny 2, WoW, GTA V). All the games I mentioned are playable on Ultra Settings without issue....yet 3dx can bring this PC to its knees. It is annoying at best. It woul
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