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  1. Please fix this twice now , this button doesn't work if you, if you need to report!
  2. I agree.... There should be a limit on it
  3. Is there anyone who can help! I bought a 3dxchat game code for my friend and after he loaded the game it allowed him to make a character but after the the game is stuck at loading and nothing happens.. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks
  4. ok no disconnects ! but now clothes don't load , I have uninstalled re-installed , relogged nothing work this is becoming pathetic just how much more must we take for a game we pay for !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very Unhappy
  5. This is crazy, this game has endless issues and nothing seems to be getting done about it . The whole evening it says cannot connect to the server...... , please can someone from 3dxchat actually be honest and tell us what the way forward is. Ever since you had the ddos attack the game has not been stable..I think we have a right to answers especially because we paying for it....maybe its time to look for alternatives.... very unhappy user
  6. Hi, Does anyone know where i can get a Rochis .dll file for merging poses?
  7. not when u have been kick out
  8. oh god this is the second time today server is down and all my work is lost ffs get it together . Its just F*** shocking
  9. I agree this is ridiculous it an ongoing issue with being kicked out the game then you have to Que to get back in, Then your friend list is missing. Always re connection problems
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