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  1. Or make the world editor read in COLLADA file then overlay pose triggers in world editor and we'll see all kinds of interesting room designs.
  2. These would be useful to get to objects that are heavily occluded by other objects and otherwise hard to navigate to with the mouse: Ability to name added objects and then search-and-focus on them by name Clickable object tree/list that then highlights the object in the world for editing
  3. These may seem a bit advanced, but they come handy to those who know how to use them. Fair warning, I am a math student. Ability to apply transform to a group/compound object Ability to define the reference point (origin and orientation of the local frame) for the grouped/compound object (it's related to the above) Ability to specify an arbitrary frame around which the rotation is done, not just local/global frame of reference Why are these useful? If you know how to work with coordinates and transforms, you can lay out the world and perfectly align objects where you want them much faster than moving things around with the mouse.
  4. There is no doubt that the new room order is not very popular. I can see the logic behind it as it offers some limited opportunity to small rooms to compete with large and crowded rooms as now everyone needs to promote the room to get to the top, not just be at the top because the room is crowded. However, we still see the same rooms that were full still full and the same rooms that were small remain small. So I don't think the effect has been achieved, and whoever I spoke to or heard in public chat doesn't like the new room order. So how about a feature that users can sort the rooms using their own criteria (like size, alphabetically by name or by owner) and also search the room? That might diminish the need to promote the room for XGold, but promoting can be adjusted such that it either shows promoted rooms in different colors for some time period or it places the promoted room in a separate section.
  5. Regarding making money out of somebody else's rooms, the legality depends on the license terms these rooms were released under. The 3dxchatsharing.com for example, says on its front page "Builders:you willingly give away your creation for free and those can be used in any way by users". Not quite a formal copyright, but it is a clear statement that it is an unrestricted release. So other than all of us that have morals saying and knowing that it's wrong, there is no way to prevent anyone cashing in from someone else's work. However, if everyone started to put donation links into downloaded rooms, the market will bring the value of these rooms to zero. I am in 3DX a lot, so I can easily recognize the room I have seen before and most people can too. So it is unlikely that hosts trying to profit from other people's work will make much. They may make some pocket change, but not much. Only the true original creations, that aren't freely shared around will have value. So this will incentivize the builders to keep rooms to themselves and only share among trusted circles of collaborators (hosts, DJs, and so on) who will respect their terms. Often, builders, hosts, and DJs are separate persons, so we will likely see the teams form. I have built a few rooms and I don't give my designs to anyone, not because I want to make money off them, but because I want the rooms in which I host my parties to be unique. I don't plan to put any Patreon link on my rooms and have no plans to make money off them. MNF Lady#5914
  6. Here is a subtle bug that I have been experiencing. Forgive me if this has been already reported or if it's known. I open the room to public, start the radio, and have people come to the room. Everything works fine. Then, if log out while there are people still in the room, so that the room stays up, log back in, and come back to the room, I don't hear the music any more. The iDevil still shows the active station and I can recover the music by disabling and re-enabling the radio and people who stayed in the room can still hear the music. However, the owner who logged out and came back in can't. This happens always when I do the above pattern, so it should be easy to reproduce. Thanks devs. Hope the fix comes in soon.
  7. I could use a wider variety of strip pole moves. Right now I combine the four I have with dancing around the pole and approaching the customer and going back, but would love to have more variety to choose from. Maybe, a few inverted, head down, or a hip-dips and slides.
  8. I thought it would be a cool visual effect if someone sends a gift to a stripper currently doing pole dance that it rains dollar bills on her. What do people think about the idea?
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