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  1. My last entry. leaving 3DX. I feel so much compassion for the lonely people here it saddens me. i see guys that are soooo lonely and want so much it harshes me. Atained a level of noteriety here but i must move on time to grow up and get on with life. To my husband of almost 4 years I feel the most bad. i never wanted anything real and tried to make you happy, Andy, but i can't so i wish you well and great happiness in all you do. ik it was abrupt parting but it was best that way. to my sis i am most sad because we had such good times. Please forgive me
  2. time has been changed to Saturday the 24th for those who come from the future and find spinning on Mondays to be harsh
  3. or, if slots are filled, take one of the slots from DJ's who have signed up for multilple time slots
  4. Mix Central presents Halloween Party. Spiders so big they will eat you 10pm CET/4pm EST on Sunday 25th October.
  5. so i see multiple DJ's signing up for multiple slots which tends to exclude some that didn't sign up in time. I suggest you start a Discord group to sort this out
  6. if a DJ commits to a gig they should have the class to support the gig the full time and not be an arrogant asshat who thinks their shit don't stink. I considerate it rude and inconsiderate to not support a gig you have been invited to spin at by not being there the whole time
  7. so i sent notices to al the dance teams i am in
  8. LOL and i left clues as to who the low class asshats were
  9. and then there was the room host that invite DJ's but left in the middle of the best DJ mix i ever heard just to go to another room whos host stole people from the party including the host leaving the room decimated and vacant just because he had no class at all. and disresppected his invited DJ's. im a call it a Junky move and he will never DJ for 3DX or people of class rooms. may his head be hung from a pole exemplifying what NOT to do when hosting a room
  10. so i been meaning to say something but biting my tongue. Imagine hosting a big event,,,,, planning for months,,,,, collecting 30 DJ's, orgsanizing 3 days of rooms.... and one of the DJ's opens a room over the event to compete with your party even after she spun for you. to me that was downright rude and disrespectful. Take peeps from the once a year event and not cancel your boring weekly B&W room cause you have NO class and are inconsiderate and arrogamt. I say off with her head
  11. so i had a shitload of fun and im finally over the disrespect one of the E8 DJ's had for Natsumi and the event by opening a competing room. was totes rude of her and she will neva DJ at an event series gig again. was soo low class of her. im used to arrogant fuck heads that think their shit don't stink but that was completley underhanded and a dick move . One day canceling her party in a year would not kill her. what a B
  12. be nice if the cum from each pose would stay so that girls can get covered some patches ago it was that way
  13. Love that you can change lighting in the saloon but please make the default full sun like it is here in Utah
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